Thursday, January 21, 2010

Design 11

I picked this photograph because I like how the sunset changes how the scenery looks. It gives a sence of calm. I love how the train is in the picture with no blur movements. Just everything in this photo graph was taken really well and I like how it looks.

Design 10

This is the new diamond shreddies that went along with a campaign post did for it last year. I love the design and how the colors catches your attention right away with the bright pink and yellow. Also how the milk is splashing off the spoon with the cereal and fruit ads more to the design. Over all I love how it looks.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Design 9

This is a billboard that the world wild life fund put up a while ago. The reason I picked this because the design is simple but straight to the point. I love how true this billboard is and it's true that if the birds make nests in something like that then they should plant more trees.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Design 8

I picked this design because of how it's intricate and in the shape of a heart. I love how it's red and shows pictures of stuff having to do with love like the angels, roses, doves holding ribons and of course the heart shape in the middle and outside.

design 7

I choosed this design because of how they reflected the image and made it blurry to make it seem like water. They did really good things in this image, I like how they use an effect that made it look like mist behind the unicorn. I also like how they made the moon and how it works with the unicorn.

design 6

I picked this photo because of how well the photograph was taken with the light showing the right angle. I love how blue shows up on the black cat, making his fur shine and the love how the yellow shows up on the dark fur color. Over all this photo works really well, the effects are lovely.

Design 5

I like how they use the gradent going from dark purple to light purple. Also the use of larger dots to smaller dots and how they very from dark purple to light green throughout the design where it finally vanishes at the bottom of the design.

design 4

The sunset feel to this piece was what caught my eye to pick this as a design. The use of colors for the sky worked really well together and almost realistic in the sense of a day's ending when the sun is almost set. I also like how this person used the spacial sense where there is a larger person in front of you and a smaller person further back in the picture giving the right illusion.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

design 3

Wrapper found on my desk from Arizona bottle

This caught my eye right away with the bright blue-ish greenish color with the white along side it. Also with the fact that it's a pattern and is squares work really well together.

design 2

I picked the design because of how different it is in the background of the image. The splash of black and gray and the faded writing works really well. The black and gray splaters in the back matches of how the character in the front is bleeding. Over all I think the whole piece works well and it's a lovely use of words that doesn't take away from the main focus in the foreground.

design 1

I choosed this design because the whole design fits well together. I like how there is intricate designs on the cover of the book. I also like the colors in the text and also in the picture in the middle of the design. Over all the design and images work well together.