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Top 10 Best Books of 2012

This past Year has been great for me in all the reading I've done. I've read my goal amount of books which is over 100!!! I have probably used up all the space in my room because of how many books I've collected this past year. If I could I would post every single one of those books here and make the list more then ten. But I had to narrow down my picking and I'm going to post the top ten books that I really loved that I've read this year. So here they are:

Otherkin by

The tiger caught my attention right away and I knew I would like it. So I finally bought Otherkin and you know what,
I really did love this novel. Everything was so different from what I’ve read before; because of the fact that she turns into a Tiger and the way she finds out about herself, not to mention Caleb's powers, I just couldn’t put this novel down.

#9  Eve by Anna Carey
I was so happy when I won a chance to get this book from the Book depository! I actually dropped a werewolf book I was reading to read this. Which is surprising because to me werewolf books come before any other genre. I was so glad though that I've read this book, it was great and surprising. I never knew what was going to be next and that's what I liked most about the series.

#8   Bloodrose by Andrea Cremer
It took me three day's to read this book and I just couldn't put it down. I stayed up till 4am to finish the book. I've read it and I'm happy that I read it, it was what I expected and more! A great ending to a great series!

#7 Destiny's Fire by Trisha WolfeSomething new and different, The fact that this is my first Steampunk novel I ever read made it that much more exciting. I learned lots of things from this book about Steampunk that I never new before (i.e hoverbikes). I finished this book in two days that's how exciting it was to read. It even had Shape shifters worked into the mix of the Steampunk genre which made it that much more better for me to read!

#6  The Selection by Kiera Cass 
One of my favorites of this year and I can't wait to read the second book. 
It has everything a book needs; it makes you laugh, cry and has those heart wrenching scenes. Everything a good book needs it has. This is why I give it 5 stars! and this is why it's on my top ten list of this year!

#5  Divergent by Veronica Roth
This book was amazing! I loved every minute of this adventure. I couldn't stop reading this book, and when I finally did it left me wanting more. I can see myself doing things in this book, such as facing my fears of heights and needles. However, since the Dauntless fortress is mostly of heights I would probably get kicked out. You see, part of the initiation is facing your fears.

#4 Cold Blood by Heather Hildenbrand
So after finishing Dirty Blood which is the first novel of the series I had to buy the second novel right away. I was not expecting this novel to be as good as the first one, it was more then good it was awesome! There was more interaction with characters, good plot line though the location was different and the ending will leave you breathless and wanting more.

#3 Iced by Karen Marie Moning  I’ve been waiting so long to read this book, and I'm happy to say that it was very much worth the wait. Nearly every moment kept me hanging on.
I would like to point out that while this is an adult book, 14-year-old Dani is not sexually active. However, characters around her do have sex. I did have one problem while reading this book; (its probably why this didn't make it to number one) I didn’t mind that sometimes the point of view changes to characters outside of Dani, but I found the POV of a character named Kat to be just filler.

#2  Whispers at Moonrise by C.C. Hunter It’s been a while since I’ve been this excited to read a book. This forth book of the series was just so good. Every moment of this book was exciting where I couldn't put it down for even a second. There was quite a few times it brought me to tears because of the sad scenes that happen in it, doesn’t help that I was reading this book on the subway with tears in my eyes.

#1  Hemlock by Kathleen Peacock This has got to be the best Werewolf Story I have read this year. From beginning to end the plotline of this book kept me hooked. It's unique in the way the werewolf tale is told. You have a mixture of characters and a mystery that needs to be solved. It was an awesome read and I can't wait for book two.

That's my top Ten!!!
So tell me your top ten of 2012, is any of my top ten make it on your list?

and not to mention aren't you guys glad that the world didn't come to the end, now we can read all the new books coming out in 2013!!!

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Alpha Moon by Rebecca A. Rogers Review

Alpha Moon
Author: Rebecca A. Rogers
ISBN: 1470088088 (ISBN13: 9781470088088)
Release Date: October 21st 2012

Genre: Young Adult, Paranormal,
Romance, Fantasy

Silver Moon 0.5

A Silver Moon prequel/novella.

First love.

First kiss.

First . . . werewolf bite?

Five hundred years ago, brothers Alaric and Ulric worked tirelessly on their father’s farm to keep mouths fed and sell remaining crops for scanty wages. With a rebellion stirring in northern England and a country at war over the throne, the heavy gloom felt for so long by Alaric and Ulric finally dissipates when a new family settles into town.

Daciana’s parents uproot her from London to begin a new life in Colchester. Here, she won’t be whisked off to decorative parties and elegant balls; she’ll have to put forth effort into back-breaking labor. But her thoughts of eloping from the quaint town subside when she meets Ulric. Together, it’s as if they’re exactly where they should be.

During a late-night hunt for a wolf, Ulric and Daciana are attacked. Before their bodies can fully succumb to the wild animal inside, the town witch claims she holds the cure. Instead of healing their wounds, she places a curse on Ulric and Daciana, so they must live with who they truly are. In a town where secrets can’t be kept and betrayal runs thick, Ulric and Daciana are hunted for the monsters they’ve become, even by those they love.

It surprises me how the author knows Old English so well. It's not something I’m fond of though. I find it confusing to read words like 'thou' and 'thee'. It's why I don't have the patience to read a classic novel. I did manage to read this book though, so maybe I can give older books a chance. It surprises me that two people mistake a wolf for a human. There's a rather big difference in the shape of a human and the shape of a canine, even a large one. Unless it's a perfect situation like in the book, I don't see how I could mistake the two.

Since 'Alpha Moon' was a prequel, I wasn’t too surprise by how fast the author wrote this. It was to give a brief history of how werewolves first came to be. It’s not entirely unique in the way they are created, since I’ve read other books where a witches was behind the werewolf. Even in history, werewolves and witches were closely associated with each other. 'Alpha Moon' book is well written, but I feel should be read after 'Silver Moon'. The official order is 'Alpha Moon' (o.5), 'Silver Moon' (1), 'Black Moon' (2), and 'Blood Moon' (3).

In 'Alpha Moon', we meet two brothers, Alaric and Ulric. We see their farming way of life, in 1569, Colchester, England. (For historical context, Queen Elizabeth I was ruling England at this time, and had been Queen for 11 years of her 70 year reign. Colchester itself is known as the oldest city in England, and was once the Roman Britain capital city. It's located 82.4 km, or 51.2 miles, northwest of London.) We later meet Daciana, who had to move to Colchester. She leaves her home because her father brought shame on their family by spending all their money on gambling so they moved to Colchester to get away from the rumors Once in Colchester, she meets Ulric.

Daciana is very full of herself. She had once been wealthy, and still views herself as such, despite now being a farmer. I suppose if something similar happened to me, I'd have a hard time accepting it too. I find her more of a brat that anything else. She is very childish in the beginning, so it surprises me by how brave she does become. She also has a rude personality, and talks down to others, something I despise. When she first meets Ulric she says, "Tis a dried up city with peasants who can hardly pay their taxes and feed their families”. I find this ironic, since Colchester was known for it's cloth, wool and oysters during the Tutor period, and was considered to be a wealthy town. Either the writer didn't do her research (unlikely, considering she does use Old English), or Daciana is unable to see what's around her and only sees value of courtly wealth. After being attacked by a wolf, she feels drawn towards Ulric, who's also faced the same wolf. They stay together, through her stubbornness, although I don't know how he puts up with her.

Alaric and Ulric are brothers, but very different personalities. Having sisters, I can agree that this is very much the case with siblings. Alaric doesn’t like to do work and is almost always at the bar drinking. Ulric is the more humble of the two, and he does the work around the house, and takes care of their father. Only sometimes does he go out to the bar. When he does go, the brothers both enjoy ale. Considering ale was often the safer option over drinking water, I don't blame them. I’m a bit lost on the concept of Alaric also being cursed too. I know he wasn’t bitten like Ulric and Daciana was. It could be when Lavenia (the town witch?) was yelling out curses at him, Ulric and Daciana. In old lore, a werewolf was created when a witch cursed someone, often forcing them to be her familiar and pet. I wasn’t prepared to find that Alaric is the almost bad guy of this story. I say almost bad guy since he's not that bad of a guy, but he wants to do the right thing, and that involves putting our love birds (love puppies?) in danger. I feel sorry for him and I can’t wait to read what had happen to him in the first book of this series.

Lavenia is a ex of Alaric, and she appeared in the book very suddenly. At least the author explained of her past with Alaric. I find her a bit crazy for holding a long grudge over something that wasn't really explained. I know that Alaric had broken up with her, but over how or why wasn't explained. I don't feel any sympathy what happened to her, because I just felt she was crazy.

It left off with a twist and a feeling of confusion over what I just read. I can’t place my finger on it, but it’s probably because I started with reading the prequel before I read the first book of this series. Hopefully it will turn into a case that it doesn't matter if you read the prequel first or not for the rest of the books to make sense.

3 out of 5 Howling Wolves

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Sorairo Ageha Manga Review

Author: Kyoko Kumagai
Artist: Kyoko Kumagai
Genra: Drama, Romance, School Life,
Shoujo, Sports 
Year: 2009
Original Publisher:
  2 Volumes (Complete)
 Licensed (in English)
English Publisher

When Ageha was younger, she watched a tennis game and was affected by a passionate young tennis player. Years later she was determined to become the number one tennis player and to join the tennis club in her new high school.  Only to find out that her school doesn't have tennis club any longer and the boy she met years ago is sitting right next to her.

It was an alright read, it went by a bit fast and ended to soon. It would have been better if the author made this manga longer to at least show more tennis matches because all I saw was two tennis matches and a bunch of practices, in a span of 8 the hell did it go from her starting at the new school to eight months later. It could have also done better because it could have gone into depth on some of the other character in this manga. It also annoyed me to see this one girl that Ageha saved from getting rape, never mention that inncident again. They just go on living their lives like nothing happen the next day.... Other then that it was a cute story and I like how Ageha started to pick up on the moves that Takeru was teaching her. Not to mention how she started to get Takeru to fall for her.

Sakaki Takeru is really mean at first towards Ageha who loves Tennis because of him. He even destroyed her tennis racket(though that doesn't faze her at all). Later though when he see's how serious she is about the sport he begins to get better at showing his good side. Though he is still hard on her he does care a lot about her and tries what he can to make her better at the sport. Ageha happy that she can be playing Tennis looks up to Takeru and does everything he says for her to do.

Even if their is only two sports matches you can see how much she has learn from him and takes down her opponents. I only wished to have seen more of a development between her and Takeru and maybe more tennis matches.


The mangaka has such classic Shojo style drawings. With the style of Flowing/detailed hair and bright eyes it really does show how much detail she puts into her characters. There is also details in the characters movements so you know that they really are playing tennis.

3 out of  5 Howling Wolves

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His Black Wings Book Tour

His Black Wings
Author:  Astrid Yrigollen 
ISBN13: 9781300298533
Release Date: November 2012
Genre: Young Adult, Paranormal,
Romance, Steampunk


Claren Maidstone has been forced to flee her childhood home after the death of her parents and a vicious assault from a sadistic young man who intends to marry her. Claren changes her identity and finds employment as an assistant to the handsome Fredrick Lowood, a generous yet mysterious benefactor. However, she soon finds out his generosity comes at a price. Fredrick wishes for Claren to befriend his disfigured son who resides in seclusion at their estate, Westwind.

Fredrick Lowood knows what the history books do not teach, that the Grand Council built this new world of peace and beauty on hidden blood and greed. He has plotted for years to bring down the family that enslaved his own people. Suddenly, he has the last living heir in his grasp.

Etrigan Lowood rejects the world that forces him to hide. He is powerful, plagued with a terrible dark beauty: WINGS. It is these wings that carry him out only at night to watch the unwanted intruder in his home. A creature of refined instinct yet little social grace, he is strangely captivated by Claren but knows nothing of how her family’s dark past is intertwined with his own . Through their blossoming friendship, Etrigan realizes he still retains his human heart and yearns for Claren’s love.

Buy Links:

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Astrid started her writing career when she begun work for the international video game giant, Sega of America. Working her way up the ranks, she began writing companion guides for games. With a love for writing fiction since childhood, she took her short stories out of storage and had her first story ever written published. It was only after that she found out that first stories are never published!

She has resumed writing full time and has succeeded in putting out the titles,
TheDoughnut Tree, Mysterious Pootkins , and The Mosswoods to name a few. Her short stories have appeared in the literary Threshold Press and Shock and Awe Magazine.

She finds writing for young adults both refreshing and challenging. She always wishes to provide examples of positive role models, conflict resolving methods and communication for young adults with their parents or guardians.

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Otherkin by Nina Berry Review!

Author: Nina Berry
ISBN: 0758276915 (ISBN13: 9780758276919)
Release Date: July 31st 2012
Genre: Young Adult, Paranormal,
Romance, Fantasy

Otherkin #1

Dez is a good girl who does as she's told and tries not to be noticed. Then she rescues a boy from a cage, and he tells her secrets about herself. Now inside her burns a darkness that will transform her.

Everything is about to change--and neither Caleb, nor the Otherkin, nor those who hunt them, are prepared for what Dez will unleash.

I’ve wanted this novel for a long time now, ever since I first saw the cover. The tiger caught my attention right away and I knew I would like it. So I finally bought Otherkin and you know what, I really did love this novel. Everything was so different from what I’ve read before; because of the fact that she turns into a Tiger and the way she finds out about herself, not to mention Caleb's powers, I just couldn’t put this novel down.

Desdemona, or Dez as she commonly goes by, is the main character of this novel. She has a spinal disease called idiopathic scoliosis, which is a curvature of the spine. To treat this disease, she wears a special back brace to force her spine to stay straight. For me, this was a powerful plot idea. A girl who refuses to allow her disability to become a disability. She's shy around boys, and often feel angry about wearing the brace. I can understand this. Anyone who's worn a cast knows how much of a problem it can be, but to wear a brace to reduce your movement... It's something different to see in a book. We don't have the glorious perfect girl. Dez's anger towards her brace triggers a transformation that turns her into a tiger. While in this form, she's captured and brought to a strange place. She means another prisoner, Caleb, and learns they're being held by a group called the Tribunal. When the pair escape, Dez thinks that she can go back to her normal way of life. Hello girl, you just turned into a TIGER! That is in no way normal! I don't blame her for wanting to have a normal life, it would be a scary process, but there are things that 'normal' just doesn't belong in. And this includes Dez's life. An odd detail is that when she became a tiger, her back was magically cured. Yep, she has a disease that usually takes painful surgeries to correct, but becoming a tiger fixes it! It seems almost too easy of a solution. Maybe the transformation gave her the change to stretch out her spine and then go into proper alignment? I just think it was a fast way for the author to remove a rather large part of Dez's character, and remove it from being a problem down the road in the book.

The setting jumps a bit. It first takes place in Burbank, California, but then shifts to the Mojave desert, when the Tribunal captures her. Once she's with Caleb, it moves to the forest. Once in the forest Caleb takes her to a special school for people like her. I guess Google Maps missed this school... And how do you even find kids for this? Put up posters calling for kids who turn into animals? Not to mention Caleb is going on something his mother told him years ago. You do learn more about the school, but I can't really talk about it without giving away spoilers. I will say that Dez is given the chance to fit in and become more comfortable with herself and what she can do.

Dez's character grows throughout the book. At first, she desperately wants to fit in and just be normal. When she changes into a tiger, she's afraid of it. I would be too. Tiger's aren't really known for being friendly towards people. Anyways, she learns to trust this part of her, accepting it as a part of who she is. She's a strong woman, able to take on the challenges of her disease, and later on, the challenges of transforming.

Caleb on the other hand, he remains about the same. He does lie to Dez at first, but it's more out of fear and to keep her save then to harm her. He does open up to her, but the boy also worships the ground she walks on. He does have his own powers, where he can transform objects. For example, he can summon the power of the tree can can transform a part of a tree, like a branch into lightning. I'd say this is a pretty good power to have.

I mentioned them before, but the Tribunal are our villains book. They want to 'cure' Shifters of their powers. Shifters are individuals who can transform into animals. This includes Dez. Of course, this involves painful, and lethal, experimentations on the Shifters they do capture. Readers may see a similarity to them in the Death Eaters in Harry Potter. These dark villains play on our fear of ethnic cleansing, a too easy way to sell a book. I wish writers could come up with a different kind of monster then this. We already see it in real life.

The romance between this book is very sweet. Dez and Caleb are drawn to each other when they first see each other in their cages. Caleb is always checking on Dez, making sure she's safe. He always calls her beautiful, be her in human or tiger form. It's nice to see two characters not trying to get into each other's pants at first glance.

Overall, this book was amazing! It’s one of my favorite reads of 2012 and I’m excited to find out what happens in book two. I’m glad I don’t have to wait too long to find out.

5 out of 5 Howling Wolves

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Black Moon Book Tour

Black Moon

Author: Jessica McQuay

1936185741 (ISBN13: 9781936185740)
Release Date:
October 2012

Young Adult, Paranormal,


Paige Tailor Series #1

"Am I losing my mind?"

Paige couldn't help but question her sanity. What other explanation could there be for her hearing a conversation held barely above a whisper in the back of a classroom full of students? What about coming home to find one of those very classmates lying in wait in the darkness of her home, ready to attack her?

Confused, frustrated and feeling every ounce of her social ostracism, Paige confides in the one person she's always been able to count on: her mom. But when her mom reveals a deeply rooted, unbelievable family secret, Paige discovers her world is filled with more than she ever imagined possible. A world where fairytales live alongside nightmares and secrets are the glue that binds them together. Suddenly no one is who they seem and Paige is faced with more questions than answers. Can she survive in a world filled with creatures scarier than anything she could imagine and where deceit runs as thick as blood? Or will the truth send her over the edge?


I could feel the fear morphing into adrenaline as it seeped through my blood and coursed through my body. Suddenly I no longer cared that I was about to launch myself at a werewolf. Seven of them to be exact. But I wasn't alone and I knew I was ready. It was all very clear now…this is what I'd been training for these past few weeks.

I shut my eyes for a brief moment, just long enough to center my core and fill it with the abundance of life energy in the forest surrounding us. I could feel the magic swirling and pooling within me, still a new sensation, but warm and comforting all the same. Now, I felt protected.

I opened my eyes as the filmy protective barrier around us fell back into the earth and seven pairs of eyes momentarily gleamed hungrily before launching themselves at us. I locked eyes with Naialah, nodded, and ran straight for the closest werewolf.


A month ago you wouldn't have the slightest idea that I am who I am today. I still have a hard time realizing that Paige Tailor is no longer the shy, quiet, blend into the background senior in high school anymore. Actually, let me back up a bit. I am still a senior in high school, (for one more month), and by all accounts, anyone at H.H. High would say, if asked about me, "Oh Paige. She's kind of quiet and keeps to herself. Really, she's a bit of a no one on campus. But she is pretty smart." And they would be giving you a completely accurate description of who I am. It's who I always thought I was. It's who I always thought I would be. A nobody. Someone who blended into the background and people hardly took notice of.

I believed that with one hundred percent certainty. Until it all changed. Until one day I woke up and the girl staring back at me in the bathroom mirror felt alien. Her eyes were still the same deep shade of green. Her brown hair was still the same long wild untamed curls. In fact, at first I couldn't tell you what it was about my reflection that felt so unlike me. Was it my outside appearance? Or maybe it was an internal change happening subtly where no one else could see?

Maybe, more simply, I was losing my mind.

I probably would have gone with the crazy theory if it hadn't been for the incident that happened later that day in science. It's the incident that catapulted everything. The incident that ultimately led me here, with Naialah, confronting werewolves and hunting down a murderer. 


There were three things Jessica loved to do growing up; reading, writing and playing music. She discovered her love for writing at a young age, when she realized she could create anything she wanted with words. Jessica lives in Sacramento, CA with her husband, four children, a goldfish named Sparkle and their cat, Talula. When she isn't working on the next Paige Tailor novel, taking her children to one activity or another, or folding the never ending laundry of a six person family, Jessica enjoys playing her clarinet in the community band, reading while enjoying a cup of coffee or heading to the theater and catching a movie with her husband.

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River's Recruit Book Tour and Giveaway!

River's Recruit

Author: Charlotte Abel
Release Date:
November 12th 2012
Genre: Paranormal, Romance
Sanctuary #1

Jonathan McKnight lost everything in Afghanistan. His left hand, his identical twin, his self-respect and his naive belief that good always triumphs over evil. Burdened by grief and guilt, he searches for redemption on a solo backpacking trip into the remote Sawatch Mountains of Colorado and discovers a secret tribe of shifters.

River, the beautiful young shifter that rescues Jonathan has been promised to a man she despises. A man that does not desire her and only wants to use her to achieve his own political goals. Jonathan is more than a romantic rival. He’s a threat to those goals. 

The only way to save Jonathan’s life is for River to take him as her recruit.   

As Jonathan learns more about the horrors of River’s cult-like society, he becomes even more determined to escape it, until he learns that River is responsible for everything he does and will be executed if he succeeds. 

Escape is not an option—unless Jonathan can persuade River to leave with him. And if she refuses? Well, then, he’ll just have to kidnap her.


It really did surprise me from how different the setting of this book took place. Most books I read take place in a modern setting, in a city or town. This book feels like it's in an older time, in a rural setting. I couldn’t believe how much I enjoyed this book. From start to finish ‘River’s Recruit’ intrigued me. They're not werewolf shifters, but rather they have a way of life that is different from any other book. Almost like a cult. Main character River keeps telling Jonathan that it’s not a cult. (In some ways it’s a cult, in other ways it’s a way of life. Either way I don’t believe her.)

'River’s Recruit' takes place in Sawatch mountain, in Colorado. It's in a secluded area, where no one ever travels too. Another way of life hidden in those mountains sound so mysterious I loved learning about Sanctuary and the place where River lives in those mountains.

The plot is great. Jonathan, an outsider, come across River. He runs into River, who was being stalked by a Cougar, and he tries to get the cougar's attention. When the cougar suddenly attacks River, Jonathan tackles the animal and is attacked instead of her. Jonathan soon scares off the cougar. Or it decided to find a meal that wasn't going to fight back. Its gets amusing when River thought Jonathan had lost his hand to protect her, when it wasn't there to begin with. As a snow storm hits, River saves him by bringing him back to a place where it can be dangerous for anyone who isn’t from New Eden (a secret Tribe of Shifters). She takes that risk and brings him into her world as a recruit. (A recruit is a human who wants to leave the normal modern human world. They have to give up electronics, cars, anything modern, even certain different types of food. He has to go through a bunch of tests to see if he can become someone like River.)  She has to teach him the ways of her Tribe, such as what they are, how they live, what the rules of the places is. It must be hard on Jonathan though, to have to change his way of life so suddenly just to make sure he isn’t killed. Oh yeah, about that. If they find out he actually doesn't want to be a recruit, and is just trying to get home, he would be killed because he found out about River and how she lives in the mountains. Good plan, River. At least he’s brave and knows how to stand up for himself and River. A big twist happens and I got excited for this because I didn’t expect Jonathan to be that big of a deal, but he is, it. It left me shocked, and I liked that about this book. 'River’s Recruit' has two different point of views, River's and Jonathan's. The different views both contrast and compliment each other very well, showing how different their worlds are.

River is an 18-year-old woman of contrasts. She gives attitude to the people she doesn't like, but is shy to the people she does like. She doesn't want people she likes to be hurt for her mistakes. It's a relatable trait. Who would want someone to be hurt for something they did? She's like an Eve in the Garden of Eden, walking around naked with no shame. It's when she and Jonathan get close that she begins to feel modesty and the need to cover herself. If i had to explain her life, it's a place where women are below men like in olden times. They have no say in matters, and risk being killed or being turned into a servant or town whore if they make one small mistake. River had her mother killed because River was almost raped and her mother killed the man. She was then bought by her uncle. He's a kind man and wants whats best for River. She always thought that she would someday become her uncle concubine, and have his children (in her mind this is what was the right thing to do). She learns something from him that can turn her life upside down. River does all she can to follow the rules and make sure her family is safe.

Jonathan seems to be your typical macho guy. He didn't really care for his pre-army girlfriend, only wanted to get to third base (oral sex) with her. When it became clear that wasn't going to happen, he went into the army. His life changed when his twin brother died, and he came home. He blamed himself for his twin's death, even though he's told that he wasn't to blame. Meeting River changes his life by showing him how to love someone, and how not everything is what it seems in her world. Jonathan's military background gives him the knowledge how to stand up for himself. He knocked Eli in place quite a few times, showing off and such. He’s also a bit slow to take in information on the shifter world. I’m not saying it’s a bad thing, since he is new to everything, but if your girlfriend is on the verge of dying, YOU BETTER OPEN YOUR EARS MORE.

If you had to describe Eli, it would have to be a brat. He whines and moans over the littlest thing. Also he thinks he’s all on top of the world just because he’s the grandson of a important person in New Eden. To me, I dislike him. He’s a brat and can’t do anything for himself. Doesn’t help that the life he lives in, women are the ones who do all the work and the men sit back and act all tough. I can also see why River hates him so much and doesn’t want to have anything to do with him.

The romance was slow, which is good because I don’t find fast romances all that great. The characters take the time to learn about each other, about their past and present. They care a lot about each other and would run away from the Tribe if they could. River's family stands in their way though, so their love is a secret.

4 out of 5 Howling Wolves

Charlotte Abel was born and raised in Oklahoma where she met her soulmate, Pete. She chased him to Boulder, Colorado and finally convinced him they were meant to be together forever. They've raised three kids, two ferrets, three dogs and countless hamsters -- and are still happily married.

She's in love with "real" life and paranormal romance. When she's not reading or writing, Charlotte enjoys hiking, bicycling and primitive archery (although she's never shot at anything other than a target!)

The final book of The Channie Series, "Finding Valor," should be available by Christmas.


Your choice of either a necklace, Bookmark or Keychain and a e-book copy of River's Recruit.

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Frost Fire Book Blitz and Giveaway!


  Frost Fire
Author: Olivia Rivers

ISBN: 9780615738369
Release Date: November 20th 2012
Genre: Young Adult, Paranormal,

Tortured Elements #1


“Magic is just like love, Allai. It won’t wait for permission before it destroys you.”

Like sand in an hourglass, Allai’s future is dwindling away. She’s spent her entire life fighting the Mages who threaten humanity, and dreams of someday eradicating magic. But all it takes is an anonymous phone call for the truth to spill out: Allai is the one thing she despises most.

She’s a Mage.

Though ancient law mandates Allai’s death, she still has one last chance of survival. His name is Drake Rhaize, and he swears he can lead Allai to a sanctuary for Mages. Allai hasn’t seen Drake in years, but she remembers him as the Demon boy who used to hold her close and softly whisper that he’d keep her safe. But Drake has changed since then: He’s now suspected of murder, and has been out-casted for betraying his own kind.

While Allai doesn’t trust Drake, she has no choice but to put her life in his hands and hope he can get her to safety. Because Allai’s father has hired a pack of Demons to bring her back to him, dead or alive–and Demons never stop the hunt.

"Frost Fire" is a YA Paranormal Romance intended for ages 14+.

For a moment, all she felt was relief. Jareth didn’t seem to know that Drake had saved her life. And for some reason, she didn’t want all of the Sentinel knowing that. It somehow seemed… personal.
But then one of Jareth’s words slammed into her.
“Captured?” Allai repeated. She tried to keep her voice calm. Everyone in the Manor knew her history with Drake, but that didn’t mean they needed to know how much it confused or scared her.
“Yeah, Shieldak didn’t kill him.” Jareth paused and raised his eyebrows at her. “You really haven’t heard about this? Really? The guy tried to kill you, you know.”
“Believe me, I know,” Allai snapped. Then she said in a cooler tone, “It’s barely been a day since he was found. It’s not my fault that I didn’t get the news as fast as you did.”
It was a lie. If she had just gone into Shieldak’s office and asked about Drake, she would have known the outcome. But she hadn’t wanted to ask, because she had thought she’d just hear that Drake was dead. And Allai wasn’t sure how she would have reacted to that.

Olivia Rivers is a high school student, a literary agent intern, and an obsessive-compulsive reader. She has a slight obsession with Kootenai County in Idaho, and she’s pretty sure life will always be awesome as long as Irish accents exist. She lives with dysautonomia, a chronic medical condition affecting her nervous system. Portions of proceeds from her “Tortured Elements” series go toward supporting youth with dysautonomia.

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Friday, December 7, 2012

Phobe Pope and the Year of Four book blitz and Giveaway!


Phoebe Pope and the Year of Four
Author: Nya Jade
Release Date:
October 30th 2012
Published by:
Dreamwell Publishing

Genre: Young Adult, Paranormal

Shapers #1

The students of Green Lane Academy roam their halls unaware that below their manicured campus exists a prestigious school of an entirely different kind . . .

Sixteen-year-old Phoebe Pope has enrolled at the Campus Below: a spy academy for shape-shifters hidden deep beneath the grounds of a boarding school whose humans unknowingly protect it. There, thanks to a carefully planned schedule, she leads a double life: spy trainee Below and normal teenager Above.

As if two course loads, concealing a secret power she alone wields, and coping with her father’s recent death weren’t enough, Phoebe finds herself developing major feelings for actor and teen heartthrob Colten Chase, who attends the Campus Above and appears to be majoring in winning Phoebe’s heart. But when officials learn that Phoebe may be at the center of a startling prophecy, she becomes the target of shape-shifting assassins who will stop at nothing to suppress the truth.

Now Phoebe’s lessons about Shaper’s enemies and spycraft take on great importance as a menace stalks the campus, with Phoebe as its target. Meanwhile, what began as an unlikely relationship with Colten, quickly morphs into heartache when she suspects that something sinister lurks beneath this movie star’s glitter and fame. Suddenly, Phoebe’s caught in a mesh of lies, betrayals, and danger where she doesn’t know who to trust, and needs to rely on herself—and her secret power—to get to the truth and to stay alive.

Nya Jade is a singer-songwriter and author based in San Francisco. Her music videos have aired on the VH1, BET, and MTV networks. USA Today hailed Nya as a “young female troubadour worth keeping your eyes and ears on,” in an entertainment feature on up-and-coming singer-songwriters. “Her cool singing voice recalls Sade,” said the LA Times.

Between writing and performing new music, Nya took a musical sabbatical to focus on writing a novel—an endeavor she found quite daunting, until she began looking at each chapter as a verse in a very long song. Phoebe Pope and the Year of Four is her first novel.

In her free time, Nya enjoys hanging out with family and friends, searching for amazing gluten-free desserts, and bargain hunting for her next pair of funky shoes.

Nya holds a B.A. in Economics and an M.A. in Sociology, both from Stanford University.

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Copyright © 2012 by NYA JADE and published here with her permission.
Phoebe was too far away to sense whether the boy had one heart or two. Through the maze of trees with clattering leaves, she could see him moving with purposeful speed. He was headed toward her destination—a brownstone chapel perched at the top of a small hill. Not knowing the boy’s nature made Phoebe hesitate. Then came the sound of tower bells. Eight o’clock. There was no time to think of an alternate route. She was officially late for the Conversion.

A loud, echoing crack quickened Phoebe’s pace as lightning slashed the indigo sky above her. She had barely reached the base of the hill when rain began pounding down. Clutching the camera that hung from the strap around her neck, she sprinted the final stretch, arriving breathless.

Phoebe wiped the rain from her face, and then entered the chapel. Inside, light from moon-facing windows cast a misty glow across the sanctuary, the air redolent with the smoke of a blazing fireplace. She glanced around the heart of the nondenominational Green Lane Academy. It seemed so ordinary, so quiet, even peaceful. Rows of pews with velvet cushions ran the width of the room. She moved between them, taking care to remain in the shadows. An irregular shape in a dark corner caught her eye and Phoebe could just barely make out the outline of the boy. He knelt with his head between his hands, his body huddled against a pew. Praying.

Phoebe paused several feet away and waited. After a moment she felt energy seeping from the boy’s skin, raising the hairs on hers. Cold and electric, it meant one thing: the boy had only one heart. She couldn’t risk him seeing what she had come there to do. That meant waiting. Just then, something stirred behind her.

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