About Me

So a little about me...hmmmm and yes this is what I look like lmao!
And no I am not a Goth this was how I dressed for Halloween without my doggy ears and tail. 

For starters, I'm a College student studying graphic design. I'm in my finally year of College and I hope to get into editorial design specialty book design.  I’ve been wanting to do book design for about 4 years now and I hope to get into the business sometime after I graduate. Though I need lots of practice before then.

My hobbies include lots of reading; you wouldn’t believe how many books I’ve read over the years and to think it all started with Twilight. Yes, it did start with Twilight, before Twilight became popular I read it and it got me into reading. Now I own over 100 novels. I’m serious I’m a huge novel collector if it has anything to do with Fantasy I buy it and read it. Sometimes it may take a few months before I read a book that doesn’t catch my interest at first (but still buy it) but in the end I still love that book.

Now novels aren’t the only things I read, I forgot to mention that I’m a huge Manga fan. If you thought my novel collection was big my Manga collection is 3 times as big. I’m not lying either I will post pictures soon. I own over 700 manga books. All different types of genra most though are Shojo cause I love those love stories. I will post a few pictures showing my collection and how big it has gotten over the 8 years of collecting.

I also love drawing,  I draw wolves, anime type styles and fantasy creatures. I’m good with Traditional tools and digital tools. I will also post some of my work on this site soon too.

I will like to thank everyone who checks out my blog, and if you become a fan they I will tackle hug you! Lol!!!

Sarah K.