Sunday, February 7, 2010

Design 19

Design 18

Design 17

Design 16

Design 15

The colors of this bird stands out very well showing that the one who took the picture knew what he/she was doing. The multy-colored bird catches your attention right away with the colors of blue, yellow and red standing out against the blurred background of the image.

design 14

The photo has it where the flowers in front is focus while the ones in the back are not. I think it works well like this and to have the water drops on the flowers adds great effect to the image making it work well and have a great effect. It could have been a better type of plant but that would probably take away with how it looks.

Design 13

The photoshop effects goes well with the photograph. I love the action shot of the waves with the sunset, it works really well together and the dress stands out in contrast to the background. Overall this picture is nice and gives a fun, warm feeling when you look at it.

Design 12