Thursday, December 6, 2012

Signal Red Baby Manga Review

Author: Ren Kitamkami
Ren Kitamkami
Genra: Yaoi
Year: 2008
Original Publisher:
Libre Shuppan  
 1 Volumes (Complete)
 Licensed (in English)
English Publisher

Shougo and Kazumi are cousins. They have been training since young in the world of Kabuki. Shougo’s father, Ikuomi, has always been cold towards him. Shougo’s uncle, Masahiro, is also on bad terms with Ikuomi. What happened in the past? Is that the reason for Ikuomi’s coldness towards Shougo? What will Kazumi do to protect Shougo from getting hurt?

I was a bit disappointed with this manga. It was a manga I went looking for because I heard it was good. I didn’t expect to be so confused while reading it. I didn’t know which character was who. I thought Kabuki was a name of a person, until I learn it was a dance. It was just all over the place a real disappointment that I wouldn’t recommend for anyone. The only thing that was good about this manga. was the story behind one of the characters, who I believe is named Shougo, oh and the sex was great but I have no idea why they moved so fast into that when I didn’t even know that the characters felt the same.
I thought the plot was a bit to fast near the end. It was slow and great at first getting into the background story of a character. Then out of no where two characters confess their love to each other and did it. I understand the why but the how they fell in love with each other is beyond me. Oh I didn’t even bother reading the second story, I just skipped through it because I couldn’t make sense of what they were talking about. Kabuki is still unknown to me only that it’s maybe a dance and there is singing in it and the guys dress up like girls…or maybe they dress like guys but they look like girls to me. I just don’t think the mangaka put to much thought into describing what it was, or to make it easier for people to understand what it was in this yaoi manga.


I thought the design of the characters were great. There was a lot of detail in the hair, face, clothes everything. I just had one major problem and that is a couple of the characters look the same. I couldn't tell who was who until there was another panel where it showed their clothes. I didn't like this and it shows that the mangaka didn't put a lot of effort into showing a different characters. It was a bit annoying and I was a bit glad that the manga ended at volume one.

2 out of 5 Howling Wolves

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