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Love Mode Manga Review

Yuki Shimizu

Yuki Shimizu
Genra: Yaoi
Year: 1996
Original Publisher:
Libre Shuppan (2009)
Shinshokan (2009
 11 Volumes (complete)
 Licensed (in English)
English Publisher



Mistaken identities, bizarre accidents and pratfalls, tragic pasts and plenty of broken hearts, and that is just for starters! Love Mode tells the story of the lives of the men involved with the classy male escort service, Blue Boy. Love lines intertwine and cross, friendships are made and broken in this boy's love classic!

Sakashita Izumi, your typical straight high school student, gets into a sticky situation with a gay translator, Takamiya Katsura, when he gets mistaken for Izumi - an escort from B&B (Blue Boy)! The two go on a date, Takamiya goes all the way with the young Izumi, and now the older man's in love with him. Tiny Problem: Izumi is slightly homophobe. Will he eventually convert in that which he fears?

Reiji, owner of B&B and other sleazy clubs (and seemingly not gay) finds out his girlfriend had been cheating on him - just after dumping her. He bumps into a young, family-less, money-less, trustless high school named Naoya who at that moment gets knocked out by a pot that Reiji's vengeful ex-lover drops on his head. Reiji accompanies the young boy, feeling bad that this is partly his doing, only to find that now Naoya is homeless since his apartment burned down and finally ends up taking in this "stray cat".

This serie contains more stories than just these couples.

My Thoughts on the Manga
Where do I start on this big series, its an old style manga style but I love it. I first read this series years ago it was my first big Yaoi manga series I've read. It was so unique and so good I couldn't stop reading. From beginning to end I loved it all because of the new couples that show up and the stories from the past everything was great. Ever single story side story in this book is just great because everything in connected from the present to the past it all connects in some way. Like the stories that have nothing to do with the two main couple are connected by the job Reiji owns which is like a male Host club and then some.

All the characters in this book are great, they each have their own personalty and you fall in love with each and every character, that's how well they are written. Each had their own personal background most of the older men who are friends have a old history to them which you learn about later. There is just so much history with these characters so much great stories that I don't want to spoil anything about it because it's just that good.

There is lots of Romance, some going slow, some going fast. Each volume of this series has it's own couple and romance does happen with that couple. Whether it's slow or fast the couples all end up together by the end of the manga volume. Besides the 2 main couples ever other couples in the series have their own story once in the whole series but you do see them a few times in other manga volumes.

Izume and Takamiya, Reiji and Naoya are the two main couples of this story. Most of the columes are about these two couples. Mostly just Reiji and Naoya which is fine with me because those two are my favorite from the whole series. The rest of the manga series has other couples in it but still are connected somehow to the two main couples. The Male host club isn't really a host club. What it does is hires males to work in the company and they do whatever the client wants them to do. Whether it's to go out for dinner or to have sex the worker has to do what the client wants. It becomes so cute when the people who work for that company starts to fall in love whether it's happy or sad you won't get tired any of the plot lines. This manga series does talk about the past so you do learn about how they end up being friends or their painful history. This manga did everything right and I don't think anyone would get bored of this manga series.

This Mangka work really hard at this manga series, and over the span from the start of this series to the end you can see how her drawing style has changed to get better. In the first panel you can see how the drawings of the people are chopply done but in the second you can see there is much more detail in the looks of the boys. (Just to mention the small black hair boy is the same as in the second top picture.) It's an old style of manga so don't base to much of this series on the way it looks because the story line is so damn good you won't be bothered by it half way through reading the first manga book.

This is a great manga series, it has 11 volumes and all out in America. You will love every moment of it and I'm sure you won't get bored. I highly recommend reading it and you should tell me what you think of the series too!

5 out 5 Howling Wolves

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