Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Happy Hustle High Manga Review

Author: Rie Takada
Artist: Rie Takada
Genra: Comedy, Harem, Romance, 
School Life, Shoujo  
Year: 2003
Original Publisher:
5 Volume(complete)
 Licensed (in English)
English Publisher
Viz Media


What happens when an all-girls' high school reigning tomboy finds out her school is about to be filled with boys!?

Hanabi Oozora is a rambunctious sixteen-year-old tomboy who comes to the rescue of her less assertive friends--sometimes in exchange for food. So what does she do when, all of a sudden, her all-girls' school is about to be integrated with an all-boys' school?!

She meets and falls in love--naturally--with one of the three most popular and handsome boys in the Student Council, Yasuaki Garaku! Unfortunately, Yasuaki doesn't care for girls... and when the girls' Student Council clashes head-on with the boys' Student Council, Hanabi steps in to become a member - hoping she'll change Yasuaki's mind!

My Thoughts on the Manga
It's been a very, very long time since I've read this manga but I have read it before. It's a very cute story of how Hanabi and Yasuaki meet and fall in love. The way its drawn i did hesatate in reading this manga but then I notice this author made another manga which I love called Gaba Kawa. Which I'm planning to read soon to do a review on because that story was so sad at the end.

Hanabi is a really strong character totally different from how she use to be when she was younger. After spending most of her life in an all girls school they now had to join an all boys school making it co-ed. All the girls rely on her to make things far for both girls and guys so she then got onto the student council.

Yasuaki has always seen girls as baby chicks, he hates girls and that is one of the reasons he went to an all boys school. Then he met Hanabi and everything changed, he started to fall for Hanabi, though he still fears girls he doesn't fear Hanabi all that much.

The romance is cute and slow at the same time because of Yasuaki fear of girls it had to be slow. They do go through some trails like Hanabi's old neighbor and the meeting of Hanabi's father they still stayed together.


Like I mention before I did hesitate at first on reading this book but then I released who the author was and decided to read it. I found that after a while I got use to the way it was drawn while I was pulled into the story. It's a different type of style and is unique in it's own way. Not to mention it does also look like an old style type of drawing mix with new style.

4 out of 5 Howling Wolves

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