Sunday, March 24, 2013

1/2 Love! Manga Review

Author: Kayoru
Artist: Kayoru
Genra: Gender Bender, Romance,
Year: 2010
Original Publisher:
  1 Volumes (Complete)
 Licensed (in English)
English Publisher

Plainful child. Akari is really attracted by the popular Unit of idols "Flower”.
Then Akari get the chance to sing at the Flower's center?! But what is the secret that Flower keep…?!

This manga is short but so sweet in the way the character develops. Though there is little romance it is a cute story. I just wish there was more but it's fine for a oneshot manga.

We get to see how Akari grows more assured of herself. Instead of her normal shy self she grows confindent as she joins the group Flower. Though she isn't sure of herself with the help of the members of Flower she realises that she is a member of this group and can live up to what the fans wish he to be. Since this is a short story i can't say to much or a might spoil this manga.

Oh I do find how Akari can look at a dance once and copy it almost exactly. She probably has some sort of photographic memory to be able to do that, but the story doesn't go into that. Nyu and Karou are cute and bother are uniqe it makes you wonder if the manga should have been longer to tell there story and more of Akari's story.


The design is shojo style of course and seeing the boys dress up as girls you will never notice it was them unless you can pick out small aspects that will show you they are boys. As you can see with the characters in the picture on the left the only girl in the picture is the girl in the middle. The two on the sides are boys. The author loves putting in details into the clothes and each outfit is different. I really like this mangaka's drawing style.

3 out of 5 Howling Wolves

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