Friday, March 29, 2013

Arrow Comic book review (CW tv show)

(Arrow #1)

Story: Marc Guggenheim and
Andrew Kreisberg
Variant Cover: Mike Grell and Randy Mayor
Page Count:
16 pages
Age Rating:
12+ only

Genre: Crime, Movies and TV,

Chapter 1
Script: Marc Guggenheim and
Andrew Kreisberg
Art: Mike Grell

Chapter 2
Script: Ben Sokolowski
Pencil: Sergio Sandoval
Ink: Pol Gas

Chapter 3
Script: Beth Schwartz
Art: Jorge Jimenez
Color: David Lopez and
Santi Casas of Ikari Studio

Letters: Wes Abbott
Edited: Alex Antone
Published: DC Comic's

Billionaire bad-boy Oliver Queen has returned to Starling City! Five years on a deserted island has changed his focus from partying and hot women to crime-fighting and cold justice. He's putting his archery talents to good use as the newest super hero on the CW this fall, and in this comic by Geoff Johns and the show's producers: ARROW!

Actually this is really not that bad, it's short but that's how most comic books are. Unlike the show where it tells you the story from Oliver's perspective. This comic book changes that around. It starts with Oliver but then it goes to the bad guy's persepective giving the readers their view on what happen to them in the past and their fight with the green arrow.

We learn more of the white hair girl which was a bad person near the start of the series. (I think since there is two white asian girls but only one was at the begganing of the series. As well as a guy from the note book that Oliver had that was given to him by his father.

If you read this comic book series be ready for lots of differences. It won't be anything like the tvshow and it will be a lot different.


Each chapter has it's own designer, and each designer has their unique style. Though some of the chapters look the same you can tell the minor differences on how the characters look like. The design to the characters give a new life to the Arrow world and it captures your attention from start to finish. The design is so detailed they even did the background in detail too. Which is good for a comic book series.

4 out of 5 Howling Wolves

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