Saturday, May 5, 2012

Tsuki ni Hoero Manga Review

Author: Sei Takenaka
Artist: Sei Takenaka
Genra: Yaoi
Year: 2009
Original Publisher:
1 Volume (Complete)
 Licensed (in English)
English Publisher

1-2) Howl at the Moon
Miki is the bodyguard of the super-model, Ran. He’s also the only person who knows that the golden-eyed Ran is in fact a werewolf. Not only does Ran have an animalistic sex-drive, he’s also inhumanly strong. “Then, why does he need me as his bodyguard?” Miki wondered… And then, Ran was stabbed by a fan while protecting Miki...

3) Intoxicated by the Moon - A different werewolf this time.


5) Secret

6-10) Start with a Kiss
Super popular high school student Nishimura Jun has a beautiful face, a great body and women lining up to have sex with him! So why is Jun still a virgin? The romantic Jun wants nothing more that a sweet and pure love. Hiding his virginity is becoming tiring, especially since kouhai Machida seems to be onto his ruse...

My Thoughts on the Manga

To say this manga is hot is a understatement, it's so damn sexy!!! It's my first time reading a manga with gay werewolves in it. I've read a straight one before which I should do a review for in the future since I love it so damn much. I will show you below in the design area why I love this manga so much.

I will talk about the first story since it's the main story of the whole manga. Miki is a shy kind man who finds a wolf one day, it attacks him and later finds out that it's actually a werewolf. The wolf/Ran asks Miki to be his body guard just to keep Miki around him. On nights of the full moon Ran goes into heat and can't control himself around Miki. Ren works as a model and that's also why he needs Miki as a body guard. The first two stories of this manga is with working as a model and about werewolves the other stories are random.

The romance is fast but needed for this two chapter story, the same with the other manga story's in this manga. It's all very cute and sexy how they get together and I'm sure you will love every moment of it.

I do hope it gets license soon, the author's other manga series is already license to Digital Media so this should hopefully be licensee soon. Then you will be able to see why I love this manga so damn much.


As I was saying, Look at how damn hot this manga is with the way it's design. The characters have a lot of detail put into them and the eyes just draw you in so damn much. It captures your attention from the start to the finish. The mangka puts detail in the background as well and on how she does her wolves. Just to tell you the werewolf Ren is the guy with black hair and Miki is the light hair guy.

Great stories great design you will love this Yaoi manga as much as I do.

5 out of 5 Howling Wolves

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