Thursday, May 31, 2012

Wasuremono Manga Review

Author: Setsuko Katou
Artist: Setsuko Katou

Genra: Yaoi
Year: 2009
Original Publisher:
Core Magazine  
1 Volume (Complete)
 Licensed (in English)
English Publisher

Masatsugu, a calligraphy sensei, liked his student, Sumiya, for a very long time. His feelings got stronger and he started to avoid eye contact with Sumiya. Sumiya sensed Masatsugu’s awkwardness and confronted him. They eventually did it and Sumiya didn’t look for Masatsugu anymore after that. Then one day, Masatsugu came home to find Sumiya at his doorstep…

My Thoughts on the Manga
This book was so cute and really graphic so I don’t recommend this to anyone who is new to reading Yaoi or it will surprise you. This manga is full of one shots that are different in each chapter after the main story is finished. I found each story enjoyable mostly the beginning story. I believe only one story was to short and I hated how short it was. I will talk about the first main story since it had more of a story to it.

The main characters are Masatsugu who is a calligraphy teacher. He has been teaching his student Sumiya for a very long time since the boy has been in highschool. Over the years he has fallen in love with the boy but could never tell him even when he started to go to College he was just to shy to say his true feelings. Then one day he just couldn’t look at Sumiya in the face any longer because of his thoughts and it grew a distance between them. Even Sumiya notice it and then he couldn’t take it any longer. Sumiya is a cute boy but doesn’t catch on to Masatsugu feelings right away, he doesn’t even know about his own feelings for the teacher until he went on a hotsprings trip with his girlfriend. They are really cute towards each other and are such great characters for the story.

The romance is cute and fast because each story is a one shot it was going to have to be fast. Though the author did do good on writing out most of the stories and planning how they would end fast. Only one story did I find was to short.


Another simple type of drawing, the characters do stand out a lot and the Mangaka loves to put in the backgrounds but not very often. There is detail in the clothes and in most panels and there is thought in the characters designs. Not only that each chapter the characters all look different not the same like most Manga books from the same Mangaka.

I did like the main story and last story more then the other short stories in this manga book. I do reccomend this book if you like short stories.

3 out of 5 Howling Wolves

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