Sunday, July 8, 2012

Sora Log Manga Review

Mitsuki Kako
Artist: Mitsuki Kako
Genra: Comedy, Drama, Romance,
School Life, Shoujo

Year: 2008
Original Publisher:
  4 Volume (Complete)
 Licensed (in English)
English Publisher

Our protagonist, Hikaru, is a member of the astronomy club at her school. On one beautiful starry night, she encounters a tall boy with blonde hair that looks almost white. However, he turns out to be...?!

My Thoughts on the Manga
This is just so very cute, I enjoyed every moment of this manga. I don't see why people get upset about memory loss, I think it just adds to the story making it more interesting about finding out the past between characters.

Hikaru is such a kind person and a little clumsy at times. She takes the time to get to know people, through out the story you may think she's a little slow when she thinks everyone around her is nice people. This is why she's so cute when she firsts meet the Blond hair boy Asou. She hears everyone talk bad about him but the thing is he's just not understood and she sees this and wants to get to know him. Even though he tries to push Hikaru away quite a few times she doesn't care and keeps coming to him. Eventually she even falls in love with the quite boy with bad rumors about him.

Asou isn't understood by most people, he is always a loner because he doesn't think it's worth trying to explain to people he isn't like what the rumors say about him. He then meets Hikaru by her bumping into him late one night. He catches her and calls Hikaru "Weird". Even though he disperatly tries to keep Hikaru away she doesn't stay away and soon he can't help but starts to fall for the weird girl crying up at the stars that one night. Soon even though he's quite Hikaru understands him and he starts to trust her.

It took time before these two got together which I like. It took a while for Asou to trust Hikaru enough to let her stay by his side. Then slowly over time the develop feelings towards each other and even over come some obstacles. These two are just so cute together I'm sure you will love to read this manga.

The plot is mostly about those two learning to be with each other and then learning about a past that has been forgotten by Hikaru. Hikaru doesn't remember anything from when she was four years old but her brother does and he starts to try to keep Asou away from Hikaru. While this was going Asou Sister in Law is also trying to keep Hikaru away from Asou because she wants him to go back to playing the piano and she things that Hikaru would stop this from happening. You will see these two grow closer together and grow to trust each other more and more.

I'm putting to Images because I just fine this manga to cute to not show the style of the author's drawings. She puts tones of detail into the hair and clothes that the characters wear. The eyes are also like most shojo eyes which draws you in. I ove how the characters look showing how sweet and cute they are. Not to mention how good looking Asou is in the manga.
If your looking for a cute story with a great background story I highly suggest reading this manga. You will get sad and happy at the same time at how cute Hikaru is and how kind she is.

5 out of 5 Howling Wolves

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