Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Kamatte Kawaii Hito Manga Review

Waka Sagami
Artist: Waka Sagami
Genra: Shonen Ai
Year: 2010
Original Publisher:
Volumes: 1 Volume(complete)
 Licensed (in English)
English Publisher

In order to overcome his debilitating fear of cats, Natsumi Hayato goes to visit a cat cafe. But could his reaction to one of the staff he meets there be even more difficult to conquer than his phobia?

My Thoughts on the Manga
This story was short but it was so very cute and i loved every moment of it. It takes place at a Cat Cafe where our main character Natsumi meets Hikaru who works there. Natsumi is really afraid of cats but slowly over comes his fears.

Natsumi a interesting character for this book, he's really afread of cats but wants to get over that fear. At first the reason was he just wants to bring a girl who likes cats to the cafe but he meets Hikaru and that changes. He starts to go to the cafe everyday to meet Hikaru which was mean to him at frist. In the end though he got Hikaru to show him how he could be nice to a cat who is also called Hikaru(which jumps on him all the time).

Hikaru is a really cute character he loves cats a lot that's why he's working at a cat cafe. Ever since Natsumi been coming by the shop he's been smiling even more. Though he finds himself falling in love with the straight man and he can't help it because Natsumi is so nice to him. He gets depress when he learns Natsumi only wants to get rid of his fears for a girl he wants to take to the cafe but then Natsumi returns his feelings making Hikaru very happy.

The romance is a bit fast but it's cute and I love that Natsumi gets over his fears somewhat at the end. Since Hikaru owns a cat anyways he's going to have to get over his fear of cats.


Very cute style of drawings, lots of detail in the background and in the characters themselves. Hikaru is the white hair guy and Natsumi is the black hair guy. Yes there is lots of cats in this manga but I don't really like how they are design. I've seen a few cats that were drawn so i'm a bit picky on that part but otherwise I liked everything else.  The Mangaka did a great job in the detail in everything and they storyline!

4 out of 5 Howling Wolves

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