Saturday, October 6, 2012

Jikan Akima Jinbutsu Manga Review

Miki Rinno
Artist: Miki Rinno
Genra: Drama, Horror, Josei,
Psychological, Yaoi 

Year: 2006
Original Publisher:
1 Volume (Complete)
 Licensed (in English)

Summary (First Chapter Summary)
"There’s only one rule: don’t leave this apartment."

After his girlfriend was murdered, Takeshi brings the killer, Koichi, back to his apartment in order to carry out an unprecedented form of "revenge". By treating the man who he should hate gently, what does he hope to accomplish? And what is the actual result of carrying out his revenge? A unique book about an eccentric type of "Love".

My Thoughts on the Manga
First chapter is what the summary of this manga is about. I was confused, I didn’t understand why Takeshi brought his girlfriends killer back to his place. Then I started to realize what was going on and dreaded the ending to this chapter. Don’t read this story if you can’t handle things ending badly.
The second story is about a doctor who has a brother who can’t remember anything. He can’t store the memories so he forgets things right away because he’s stuck in the past. Nothing seem wrong with this manga at first until you learn why the younger brother is stuck in the past. I went crazy mad I couldn’t believe someone would do that to a child.
Takashi is a host who is in serious debt because he has lets women take advantage of him. When he moved into his new apartment he hears noises coming from next door. At first he thought it was two people saying they love each other but peaking in through a hole in the wall he releases it was only one person who was in love with himself. This story was sad from beginning to end. A person was so in love with himself that he couldn’t eat or drink much water. His reason fro this was because if he loved something he would only end up being hurt in the end. I’m glad in the end that Takashi saved him.


Not really any difference in characters in this manga. Each character looks the same from the last chapters. I would have liked this authors design better if the characters has some differences in them but they don't. I don't mind the way it's drawn either I got use to it right away because I was focus so much on the story line to think of anything else.

3 out of 5 Howling Wolves

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