Thursday, November 14, 2013

Aozora no Sunda Iro wa Manga Review

 Author: Momoko Tenzen
Momoko Tenzen

School Life,  Shounen Ai,
Slice of Life


Original Publisher:

Taiyou Tosho
Volumes (Complete)
Licensed (in English)

English Publisher

Digital Manga Guild

Aiming to become a sensei like his former sensei, Sugiura Sakae came to an elementary school as a contract teacher. Coincidentally, his former sensei, Fukada Ryuuji, is currently teaching here. Ryuu sensei is Sakae’s idol as well as his pillar of support. However, the “Ryuu-sensei” he once so admired, is totally different now. Feeling bothered, Sakae slowly realizes that his feelings for sensei have become love. But what about Ryuu-sensei?

I wasn't expecting this to be shonen-ai(Simple boys love) but none the less it was a great story. I even teared up once when reading this. In my opinion if a book or manga can make me cry it's a great story. This story is cute and I just love the relationship between the two characters.

They were once student and teacher but now they are both teachers and they're feelings have change. Fukada must be very old by the time that Sugiura is old enough to be a student teacher. Though I don't think that matters in this case. Sugiura Sakae(the blond hair boy in the image) is a sweet guy. He's young and wants to do everything to help out the students. He wants to be like the teacher he idolised so long ago who is Fukada Ryuuji(black hair man). Fukada whose story I kind of wonder about cause it wasn't really explained as to why he dresses sloppy. Besides that I love his character a lot and i love how much he cares for Sugiura.

I enjoyed how they're relationship evolves over time and that Fukada Ryuuji tries to change for the better for Sugiura. Though they're releationship is hard since it's in a school setting they make it work and tell each other they're feelings.

5 out of 5 Howling Wolves

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