Thursday, November 21, 2013

The time I went on an adventure

 Incarnate anniversary

The time I went on an adventure

There has only been one adventure that I remember properly, and that would be when I went to camp.

Me and my friends had decided to explore the surrounding forest around the camp, making a trail that would lead to the mountain that can later be used to guide the campers, when we came across a special cliff that traveled pass the trees. Gazing upon this cliff was just breath taking. Once we had taken in all we could see, we decided to explore the base where we could see many stones of all shapes and sizes. Some were even leaning against each other to form a tunnels; they had suck a quality that made them look like fun to attempt at climbing through them. While continue to travel along the base, we came upon a cave but didn't explore it as there could have been danger lurking inside. With all the fun involving our exploration, we didn't notice the sun set and the day darkening, but once we did, we made haste back to camp with a new story to tell all the others.

This was an awesome adventure and I hope there will be more in my future.

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