Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Nee Sensei Manga Review

Yaya Sakuragi
Artist: Yaya Sakuragi
Genra: Yaoi

Year: 2007
Original Publisher:
BIBLOS and Libre Shuppan 
1 Volume (Complete)
 Licensed (in English)
English Publisher

This story is about a relationship between a teacher and his student, Homura. It just so happens that Homura's older sister, Kaori was the teacher's first girlfriend. Back then, the teacher would always use Homura as an excuse to run away whenever something happened, and he would never get in the "mood" whenever he was with Kaori. One day, while going through the exam papers, he noticed that Homura wrote "I like you, sensei" in a corner. Will he accept Homura's confession?

Side Story: Unbreakable Bone
The side story is of two childhood friends who meet again after 14 years. One is a policeman now, and the other is an ex-delinquent who is working at a ramen store.

My Thoughts on the Manga
The main story was enjoyable, it wasn't the best and kind of went by to quick but it had it's moments. The parts where I thought they could have done better was maybe actually have the sister involved in one scene but that never happen. Maybe even a side story with the gym teacher since that was left hanging as well.

This story's view is from Kurehara sensei ((his name is probably only said once or twice otherwise he's called sensei)). He's a shy teacher who knows Houmura who keeps confessing his love for him. Kurehara is confused not knowing if Homura is telling the truth about his feelings or just playing with him because they knew each other when Kurehara sensei was dating Houmura's sister. So he just thinks that Houmura is just playing around with him because of the words "Play with me Sensei".

Houmura isn't like that at all, he actually truely loves Sensei ever since he was a kid. Though because sensei is older then him and his teacher. He didn't know how to express himself towards him and may have messed up in a few places but soon Kurehara realizes that Houmura actually loves him and they get together. Houmura is still a highschool student and still has a lot to learn about being in a relationship and to be patient towards someone who has no experience in anything but simple dating.


My thoughts on the design is that the mangaka was a bit lazy with the work. Yes their is effort but I expect she could have done a lot better. Even if this is a certain style it didn't really capture my attention much besides the story line. Not a lot of detail in the backgrounds or in the characters themselves though you do fall in love with them with how the story goes.

Great story but poor drawings, I do recommend to try it out even if the drawings aren't all that good.

3 out of 5 Howling Wolves

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