Monday, November 5, 2012

Beth Revis Giveaway!

BETH REVIS, the awesome author of the ACROSS THE UNIVERSE series is giving away a LIBRARY of SIGNED BOOKS! (*SIGNED* BOOKS, Y’ALL!)

Now how many authors do you heard about doing something so very awesome? Certainly not in the ADULT fiction industry. Heaven forbid it should happen in the BIOGRAPHY industry! Nope, that’s your typical – and totally AWESOME – YOUNG ADULT author right there!!

Check out the giveaway today and enter for yourself!

Good luck, and as they say in the YA world:
“May the odds be ever in your favor!”

Share the Love of YA

To get the big entries, you need to share the love of YA. It’s simple! Make a blog post (or FB note, or whatevs) and let the world know: Why do you love YA? It’s November–the month of giving thanks–so let us know why you’re thankful for YA. You can write about the genre itself, or about a favorite author, or about a favorite book. It’s wide open: just let the world know why you like YA! Also: you absolutely don’t have to write about Beth Revis. This isn’t about her–it’s about the love of YA. The only requirement is that you also include the above graphic and a link back to the contest.

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