Thursday, November 15, 2012

Cool as You/ Toshishita no Ryuugi Managa Review

Kae Maruya

Kae Maruya
Genra: Yaoi
Year: 2009
Original Publisher:
Tokuma Shoten   
  3 Volumes (Complete)
 Licensed (in English)
English Publisher

Yuusuke and Atsushi are not connected by blood. They have not seen each other for several years. Atsushi matured, and even became much more than his older brother. He moved to enroll into University. Yuusuke receives an unexpected visit from Atsushi who has come to live with Yuusuke.

My Thoughts on the Manga
I'm so happy that the decided to make this into a three part manga, I just can't see this as a one shot. I really enjoyed this manga. It was mostly focus on the two characters and their releationship with one another. I did hope that there would be more romantic scenes but the manga made due with the kisses they gave to one another.

Yuusuke really does fit his modeling job. He's beautiful and knows how to stand in front of the camra. It doesn't stop him from feeling inferrior to his step brother Atsushi though. It's one of the reasons why he stopped playing basketball because he thought he didn't want to be compaired to Atsushi. Though when they work together it makes Yuusuke happy and can't help but feel that they are like brothers again. Until Atsushi says he has fallen for a guy which makes Yuusuke surprised and he can't help but keep thinking about that fact until he ends up falling for Atsushi. But he can't confesses his feelings because of how it might hurt Atsushi's carrier.

Atsushi maybe mean at times but he cares a whole lot for Yuusuke his step brother. He started to play basketball because of him and even became a famous player. To be closer to Yuusuke he asked for him to be in a commerical together. From then on they lived together and Atsushi begans to lose his control on holding back his feelings for his brother.


I really love how this manga was design. The characters have lots of detail in them. Each character is different and they don't look the same at all. Well except for two characters at first until Atsushi shaved to gotie then he looked different and younger too. The expressions on the characters are done right where you know what they are feeling and the detail in the clothes are done really well as well.

5 out of 5 Howling Wolves

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