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Fate Succumbs by Tammy Blackwell Review

Fate Succumbs
(Timber Wolves Falls #3)
Author: Tammy Blackwell
Release Date: 
September 9th 2012
Genre: Paranormal,
Young Adult,
Timber Wolves Trilogy #3

Having narrowly escaped an unjust death sentence, Scout Donovan is on the run. But the more she discovers about the Alpha Pack and herself, the more she realizes she can’t run forever. Destiny is propelling her towards an unavoidable battle. Can Scout survive, or will she finally succumb to fate?

Not a perfect ending to a series but great none the less. I knew from the ending of the second book something was going to happen between Liam and Scout and I love how right I was. I did love Scout and Liam interaction towards one another.  Though with little romance written and mostly a lot of fillers when the two were alone I was a bit disappointed.  Not to mention a spontaneous mating happening that I don’t understand the how, the when and the why. The author never really wrote or explained how they were magically bonded and so it will leave me dumbfounded till the end of time.

The plot to Fate Succumbs(third and final book of the series) was great, I loved every moment of it. From the cross country trip, to the placed Liam and Scout stayed in the middle of no where, to finally challenging the alpha female for position over the entire world of shifters and seers. I did love the cabin scenes I found it took up to much of the book especially since the author only briefly went over what they were doing, training, more training, hunting. (they spent a couple of months in that cabin) I was expecting a bit more romance but again the romance was only a little highlighted and pushed to the side though they somehow fell for each other. Again I say WHEN, HOW AND WHY DID THIS MATING HAPPEN. Actually I could see this book expanded into two more books because everything that happen, happen way to fast, from Scout and Liam falling for each other, to the training and especially the epic battle at the end. I did like this book enough to laugh a few times and cry (once) it just didn’t feel enough to me. Because of how Liam and Scout were moving around a lot it took place in a couple of different area's of North America. From parts of Kentucky all the way up to Canada, they just loved to travel(not really they were on the run).

Scout is a great character, I found she grew up more as the book came to the end. She still cared about the way she looked (pale skin, ice blue eyes, almost white hair) but knew that it’s apart of her. She learned more about the shifter side her. She also found that she was finally able to let go of Alex(her first love, because she fell for his brother….amazingly I do love their pairing no matter how obscure it is). She fell for his brother Liam which I never would have thought of as a good choice because he can’t trust her! But to her you can’t help who you love, even if it’s with the brother of the boy she loved but died. I did love how she ran to save Liam from wolves, even when she didn’t know if she could transform into her wolf form she still wanted to do what she could to save Liam. It’s because of that that she was able to transform proving to herself she can do anything she puts her mind too it.

Liam loves to keep things to himself, he hates opening up to Scout and practically stays the same throughout the book. He loves her yet he can’t tell her the truth about his plans nor tell her his true feelings. To me I find his whole personality hot not to mention he’s dominate meaning he doesn’t back down to anyone, I love that about him. He’s quite most of the time and would only sometimes talk to scout but he did talk a bit more while they were alone in the middle of no where. He acted quite cute in a couple of scenes I just wish there was more interaction between him and Scout romantically.

Alright I can understand how even when we read this book the romance seemed a bit fast. But the time Liam and Scout spent alone together in the cabin in the middle of nowhere for a couple of months. I can see how their attraction to one another grew, to maybe more then just attraction. Maybe it’s just me but only once did the author out right say they kissed I had to reread paragraphs more the once to know that they actually kiss….which is disappointing cause again it made me feel like the author was skipping through the book or that she didn’t know how to actually write their love scenes or make it appropriate for YA. I don’t see how because she did just fine in writing scenes between Scout and Alex.

3.5 out o
f 5 Howling Wolves


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