Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Renren Zakari Manga Review

Risa Konno
Artist: Risa Konno
Genra: Drama, Romance,
School Life, Shoujo  
Year: 2012
Original Publisher:
  1 Volumes (Complete)
 Licensed (in English)
English Publisher

Running late for her Highschool opening ceremony, Sumika gets lost. She soon runs into a playboy named Ryo who just got slap by a girl he had recently broke up with. Then out of no where another boy appears named Oshou.  
"If that day, I wasn't late, If that day, I didn't get lost. Then I probably won't be regretting this right now. Then, I probably won't meet him."
 (wrote the summary myself because it didn't make sense to me))

This is a one-shot manga and for that i let it go that the characters falling in love with each other was fast. Though it took some time for our main girl to realize she fell in love with one of the boys. Also this has an unexpected ending to the story you don't expect Sumika to fall for the person you never thought she would.

Sumika is our main female character, she shy sometimes but she is serious about her school work. This is why she takes on the deed to teach both Ryo and Oshou getting closer to the boys she first calls monkey and playboy. When it comes to actually liking a boy it's a first for her so she gets confused, which i guess is normal for someone who hasn't experience love before.

Ryo is our playboy in this story, which you can tell by the first scene where he breaks up with a girl. He has never fallen for a girl before and never thought he would until he meets Sumika. Its amusing to see how much he changes with her around. He begans to change his life around where he breaks up with all the girls he had dated or had going on at the same time. He wants to make Sumika trust him and he is taking it one step at a time with her.

Oshou is your tiplicle good guy he does everything to be a good guy. He falls for Sumika right away, when they are paired up to study, he goes to every teaching. It's sad to watch as Ryo asks Sumika out and he feels left out. He tries to ignore Sumika which doesn't do well because she finds way's to find him and talk to him. He hurts her a few times and I hate him for this but in the end it all turns out well when Sumika finds out who she truely likes. He's not as interesting as Ryo but he is cute and likeable in a way.

Yes this is your love triangle type of book. Both boys fell for Sumika but she can only choose one and it's not at all who I thought she would pick but in the end i think her choice suit her.


Well what can i say I do love the style of this manga. I'm happy with how the author puts detail in her characters to differentiate between them all. Ryo is the black hair Boy, Oshou is the white hair boy and of corse the girl is Sumika. The author knows how to make expressions work for her characters and your really drawn into them. It's probably one of the reasons why this book didn't get a low rating.

3 out of 5 Howling Wolves

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  1. Good for her making a choice and not drawing out. Great review.
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