Thursday, January 31, 2013

Sever by Lauren DeStefano

Author: Lauren DeStefano
1442409096 (ISBN13: 9781442409095)
Release Date: 
February 12th 2013
Young Adult,
Science Fiction
The Chemical Garden #3


Time is running out for Rhine in this conclusion to the New York Times bestselling Chemical Garden Trilogy.

With the clock ticking until the virus takes its toll, Rhine is desperate for answers. After enduring Vaughn’s worst, Rhine finds an unlikely ally in his brother, an eccentric inventor named Reed. She takes refuge in his dilapidated house, though the people she left behind refuse to stay in the past. While Gabriel haunts Rhine’s memories, Cecily is determined to be at Rhine’s side, even if Linden’s feelings are still caught between them.

Meanwhile, Rowan’s growing involvement in an underground resistance compels Rhine to reach him before he does something that cannot be undone. But what she discovers along the way has alarming implications for her future—and about the past her parents never had the chance to explain.

In this breathtaking conclusion to Lauren DeStefano’s Chemical Garden trilogy, everything Rhine knows to be true will be irrevocably shattered.

The author is a great writer, don’t get me wrong, it’s the reason why I first began to read this book. I was just so surprise by how much I began to loath this series as I read each book. She knows how to tell her story and how to get points across. All of this though didn’t keep me from hating the book to death(wanting to shoot it to death, resurrect it and then drown it in a lake). The first book was great I was happy with it and gave it good rating, but then the second book came out and I began to loath what happens next and then the third book came and I dispise this series. I hate how Raine loves to keep secrets that are important to her brother or to people she once called husband and sister wife, who are now her friends. I hate how dumb her brother can be and not see how much pain Raine is in. I hate how Raine makes bad choices and gives into Mr. Ashbe and not kill him in the first book. I hate how Gabriel doesn’t make appearance and only is mention through out the book and finally makes an appearance close to the ending (like the author forgot about him and didn’t know how he fit into the story, though he was important Reine in book one and two.)Sorry that’s an offle lot of hate, but that was all I ever felt in this series. Everything and I mean everything was a let down and I was just to depress while reading the book to think if this was a great book or not.

I don’t see any improvement in the character Raine, she doesn’t grow and still acts like her normal secret hiding self. I will give her credit she is smart in knowing what to do and planning on how to escape different situations. Though she has a nack for keeping being captured once more and stay captured… Oh and her love for keeping important things (THAT OTHERS SHOULD KNOW ABOUT) a secret. She likes putting herself in danger in every chapter, she doesn’t run away when she should, she doesn’t confide in her brother who she finally found.

The lead up to Rhine’s brother Rowan was a great failure. I got my hopes raised on high for someone to save Rhine and keep her safe, only to once again feel a big disappointed in this series. Rowan is nothing but a all to trusting teenage boy, who enjoys experiments being done on him and blowing things up. I thought twins who spent all their lives together would know when something is wrong with the other but nope he’s clueless and stupid. We were told from the beginning how brave and non-trusting Rowan is, he also doesn’t trusts the hospitals or their experience, so I figure oh that’s why he is bombing the places but that’s not it at all. Surprisingly he got over his trusting issues because of Dr.Ashbe who came out of no where and told him how Rhine is dead. In that kind of world, I’m sorry BUT I WON’T BELIEVE ANYONE OR TRUST ANYONE. Rowan we were told was a complete lie and I still can’t get over his sudden change in personality from Rhine’s description and memories of him.

Dr.Ashbe I laughed my head off at his stupid ending, that’s really all you need to know. Hate the guy and how he tried to seem like the good guy but was really a crazy fool and I’m glad for his stupid ending.

Gabriel is not seen anywhere in this book till the end when we finally find out why. Depressing really on the reasons for his not showing up….just makes me think the author needed a reason to not use his character. So she butchurd him and stuck him in the hands of Dr. Ashbe…WOOPIE! I DIDN’T SEE THAT COMING NOT AT ALL.

Linden…HAHHAHAHAHA…no seriously I felt nothing for him when a tragic accident happen, it wasn’t explained and so I never cared. He was a great character and even though at first he was in the dark about things when he finally found out the truth about his father he became a great guy. He looked after Cecily his youngest wife and even though he knew Rhine didn’t love him, he still loved her and wanted to help her.

2 out of 5 Howling Wolves


  1. Wow! Does Linden die????

  2. :-( This book will take forever to be out in Brazil!