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Ai Ore 1-4 Review

Author: Mayu shinjo
Artist: Mayu shinjo
Genra: Shojo, Drama, school life, 
Comedy and Smut
Year: 2007
Original Publisher:
BIBLOS (2006) 
Libre Shuppan (2009)   
 1-4 out of 5 Volumes
 Licensed (in English)
English Publisher
Viz Media


Akira Shiraishi, a young high school boy with feminine features, joins Blaue Rosen, the all-girl band that Mizuki Sakurazaka, an androgynous girl of the same age, performs lead electric guitar in.

Their high school life is anything but typical: Mizuki is the "prince" of her all-girl school while Akira is the "princess" of the neighboring all-boy school. A series of comical events brings them closer together, even as the prejudice of the people around them tries to pull them apart.

When Akira announces he was a boy in the first book "Ai wo Utau Yori Ore ni Oborero" so does the fact Akira goes to Dankaisan the boys school next to St. Nobora (Mizuki's school) Things start to get rough when pressure against Mizuki dating a boy from that school rise.

My Thoughts on the Manga
If you ever asked me what my favorite Manga Author is it would be Mayu Shinjo. I've read all of her books she ever brought out. The first series of hers I've ever read was Akuma na Eros that was back when i first got into manga which was when I was in grade Ten. Her biggest series I ever read and own is Kaikan Phrase (Sensual Phase in english) which is a 18 Volume manga set. Ai Ore is fairly new to north America but I recconized the drawings right away of that of my favortite Manga Author and I started to collect the series right away.  Just to mention Akira is the small boy on the front who looks like a girl and Mizuki is the blond girl on the cover who looks like a boy.

Akira is such a cute boy but don't let his looks deceive you, you will be beaten to death if you come near this cute boy. No seriously, since he goes to a all boys school he needs to be strong to protect himself from the boys who call him princess. For that his older brothers taught him how to fight so now he beats anyone who treats him like a girl or try to do something to him. He has a sweet side but also a very scary side.Mitsuki is the prince at her school because of how tall she is and how boyish she dresses. She is the lead singer of the band Blaue Rosen which is a all girl band. She has a cute personalty and loves the feeling she gets when Akira tells her how much he loves her. She does feel insecure at times because of their height difference but Akira is there to settle her fears.

There is tone of Romance in this manga book that everyone would love. At first it's Akira who has strong feelings for Mitsuki because he remembers her from his childhood but later Mitsuki slowly returns his feelings falling in love with Akira. Despite how small Akira is he is more of a man then anyone else in his highschool. He know what he wants and he shows it to Mitsuki. Mitsuki can't help but love Akira and wonders how it would be to finally be with him in that special way. Though I haven't read the last volume yet I'm sure they end up doing it in the last volume! hopefully!!!

The plot is great, it tells about the story of Akira and Mitsuki and their love with each other. While one is a princess at a all boys school (Akira) the other is the Prince at a all girls school (Mitsuki). Blaue Rozen lost the singer for their band and Akira came and sang and they fell in love with his voice unknown to them that he was a boy. Now Akira is in their band so that he can be closer to Mitsuki and their story starts from there. It's a sweet story full of drama and laughs not to mention the boys are to drool for.

Manga Design

Not the best of picture but it's shows how cute Akira is when he's serious. This mangka took a change in her style with this manga because usually her girls are really girly type of girls and the boys are really manly. In this manga you can see how she draws her hot grown men but this one is different. Her girl looks like a guy (since she is a tomboy) and her guy looks like a girl (though he doesn't want to be). Her style of drawing is well done and you can tell their expressions each panel you read. Not to mention that the boys are hot looking in all her manga. There is a lot of texture background in panels and not a lot of scenery but when there is it's simple but works!

I highly reccomand reading this series, this Mangka works hard at the plots to make them enjoyable. I'm sure if I love most of her series you will too, this manga is currently avablie at any book store up to volume 4 currently. Volume 5 I saw in a catalog which will arrive soon.

5 out of 5 Howling Wolves

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