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Six Moon Summer Review

Six Moon Summer
Author: S.M. Reine
Release Date: April 25th 2011
Genre: Young Adult, Romance, Paranormal, Fantasy, 

Rylie's been bitten.

She's changing.

And now she has three months to find a cure before becoming a werewolf... forever.

Rylie's parents force her to attend summer camp, but she's just as miserable at the girls' camp as she was at home-- there's nothing vegetarian for her to eat at the mess hall, she hates hiking and archery, and the other campers taunt Rylie mercilessly. One night, the bullying goes too far, and Rylie runs away. She doesn't get far. It's a full moon, and she isn't alone in the forest.

She wakes up unharmed in her cabin the next morning with no memory of what happened. The only sign something has changed are the healed scars on her chest, her increasingly keen senses, and her sudden craving for raw, bloody meat.

A boy from the other camp seems to know what's happening to her, but Rylie isn't sure if she can trust herself with Seth. He's way too cute and he knows way too much.

Rylie soon learns that she only has until the end of summer before she becomes just like the monster that attacked her: a man-eating werewolf hungry for human flesh. Unless she can find a cure, she's going to transforming at the end of the summer and lose her life to the hunger.

My Thoughts on the Book
Wow, just wow, I love this book so much even though I was ify on whether to read this or not because of the fact that it said in the summery you lose yourself when you change into a werewolf. Dispite that I still read it and I'm glad I did I love this series and I can't wait to read the other two books!

The characters were so damn interesting, you had many at the camp all making Rylie's life either miserable or enjoyable. Rylie is our main character in this story, she doesn't know why but she never gets along with other girls so she only ever has guy friends. At first she's a quite girl who doesn't want to make trouble for herself who doesn't want to even be at camp and wants to go home to her parents who are in the middle of a divorce. Later though when she gets bit her personality starts to change. She gets angrier faster and wants to hurt the people who are making fun of her. She doesn't stand down when people tell her not to do anything and stands up for herself. Louise is a camp counciler who tries really hard to help Rylie in came. She tries to get her to interact in the activities and tries to make her fit in but it doesn't work. Cassidy is Rylie's first real friend at camp, though they hardly interact Rylie still see's each other as friends and they do talk when they can and hang out when they can. Seth is tall dark and handsome *drools* anyways he is a mysterious boy who tries to take care of Rylie by helping her through her transformations. He tells her the werewolf history and meets up with her on every moon to help or at least tries too. Through this though he carries a secret one he wasn't going to tell Rylie at all until the last second.

There is hardly to very little Romance in this novel, though there was a few close interactions between Seth and Rylie and the dance was so cute! I'm pretty sure in the second book there will be more interactions between the two that would be more then just cute!

The Plot was so damn great, I loved every moment of it, the summery practically says it all. It tells of Rylie's story of how she is bitten and starts to go through the changes of the wolf with the help of Seth. It takes place at a all girl camp and how Rylie doesn't quite fit in and it gets worse once she is bitten by a werewolf.

Book Design

Can I just say this cover is so damn beautiful!!! I mean look at that golden wolf in the front. That would is what caught my attention in the first place to make me want to buy this novel right away. Though I did buy the second book first thinking it was the first lmao! Anyways the placement of the words on top of the image is perfect the drop shadow makes the words stand out against the light areas of the image. The flourishes used is pretty both the large version and the small version found under the title and the author's name.

Overall it was a great read and I can't wait to read the second book, I highly recommend this book for you to read!

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