Sunday, March 11, 2012

Enslaved Love Manga Review

Hiroko Ishimaru

Artist: Hiroko Ishimaru
Genra: Yaoi
Year: 2002
Original Publisher:
 1 Volumes (Complete)
 Licensed (in English)

1-3) Enslave Lover
Young newsman in love with his sempai. Will the sempai ever see him as anything but a subordinate?

4-5) My High-Handed Lover
Sports reporter Fujisaki is always being teased by famous baseball star Tsutsui. But the flirty star isn't serious, is he? Does Fujisaki want him to be? Oh well, a trip to a hot springs should sort everything out.

6) The Sugar Cake that You Love
On an exchange program, a young American falls in love with his host family's son. Will he reciprocate his feelings if he keeps teasing him about his name?

7) The Flower of Understanding
Painter Kairi has always been teased because of his mixed heritage. The only person he trusts is his adopted brother Kanade. But the love he feels for Kanade is slowly turning into something dark and obsessive that he can't control...

My Thoughts on the Manga
As you can see by the summery above there is many stories in this manga. Though I have to say that the First story and the last story is my favorite though they have nothing to do with each other. Though the first story and the second story takes place in the same setting. While the rest take place else were with no connection to the first two stories.

The characters in this manga volume are all dynamic and very different. Though you can tell who is seke and who is uke because the uke's well...they look like ukes, by being small and cute.

The romance in the first story came very fast because the person the main guy liked, liked him back. In the second story it went a bit slow but by the end they both had the same feelings. As for the rest of the stories the romance was fast because again it all takes place in one volume and there is multiple stoires.

In the first story the main character is a newbie newsman who has a crush on a ackerman since he was in highschool. So he decided to go to the same work place as his crush and soon runs into him. The Acherman has the same feelings as the newbie and they soon start to go out. In the second story Fujisaki is a newsreporter who does the sports. During one interview he gets groped by Tsutsui and ever since then Tsutsui doesn't leave him along and even asks him out. It's a cute story of how Fujisaki learns to trust that Tsutsui intentions are true and not just playing with him. In the Third story which is very short a transfer student comes to Japan to stay with a family. It tells the story of how he and one of the family's sons get along and be together. In the last story which takes place in the 1920's Japan Kairi life hasn't been easy because he was born with blond hair so he was picked on a lot and learns to trust no one. The only one he was able to trust though is Kanade and he loves him so much but seeing Kanade dance with a girl one night turns his love darker as the summery said. It's a great story and it does have bondage so be careful with reading that if your not use to bondage stories.

Manga Design

The drawings are simple but alright. The mangka loves to draw in unnecessary effects in the panels of the manga. She does random shapes and flowers like you see in the picture on the left. It's just a way for her to fill in the background it seems. The detail though in the characters design is great. There is detail in the ahir and clothes. The expression you can see in the eyes and how they change base on their feelings at that moment. It's a cute

The drawings are alright and the story is also alright, it's not the best but it does have a few good stories in this one volume.

3 out of 5 Howling Wolves

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