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Love Skit Manga Review

Author: Rie Honjou
Rie Honjou
Genra: Yaoi
Year: 2006
Original Publisher:
BIBLOS (2006) 
Libre Shuppan (2009)   
 1 Volumes (Complete)
 Licensed (in English)
English Publisher
801 Media 

1 & 3) Love Skit
After his sister's death, high school student Aoto lives with his brother-in-law Takashi that he is secretly in love with. Takashi has to go on a business trip and asks his friend Masayuki to keep an eye on Aoto. Aoto doesn't know how to handle the flirty Masayuki.

2) I Only Care About You
Includes a side story about Aoto's friend, Akira.

My Thoughts on the Manga
Yes this manga is a mature yaoi manga is a 18+ yaoi so if you haven't tried to read yaoi before I suggest not to start with this manga. As well as if you don't know what Yaoi means I recommend looking it up so you don't have a heart attack hehe!

Let the water works roll!! no not really but I came close multiple times to crying while reading this manga. I do have this book on my shelf somewhere, it would be easy to fine though since it's published by a different company not June. So far there is now 3 company's out there printing Yaoi manga! woot woot!!!

The characters in this story is so cute and memorable not to mention sexy. Aoto is a 17 year old highschool boy who is in love with his dead sister husband Takashi. Aoto would rather be in pain of hiding his true feelings then tell Takashi them. He has a quite but fun personalty and loves to beat around Masayuki who is Takashi's friend. He hates how he reacts to Masayuki though he still has feelings for Takashi. Masayuki is very straight forward in wanting what he wants and that is Aoto. Masayuki is a kind guy even if he is a pervert, he would do anything as long as Aoto is happy even if it means giving him up to Takashi. Takashi is a very navie guy who doesn't know that his dead wife's brother loves him. He only thinks of Aoto as someone who resembles his ex wife and never looks at him any differently. He only wants to make Aoto happy in any way possible even though they aren't releated by blood he still thinks of him as family.

The Romance is slow but sweet, though Masayuki does what ever he can to attack Aoto. With kisses or even touching in the wrong places but Aoto always beats him before it goes further. Aoto slowly starts to get use to Masayuki advances and starts to let him do things to him for longer periods of time. Then finally they do it and it's just so mouthwatering. Like I said above it's a graphic Yaoi novel so be sure your use to Yaoi before reading this manga.

The plot for this one volume manga is great, I loved every moment of it. It centers around a kid name Aoto who is in love with his dead sisters husband Takashi who took care of him even after his sister died. He hid his feelings from Takashi for a long time, he would rather be hurt then tell him his feelings. Then Masayuki come and things changes, as Masayuki starts to put the moves on Aoto, Aoto feels himself turning away from Takashi and look towards Masayuki more and more. The story is filled with heart renching scenes that will either make you cry or come close to it. Not to mention the cute side story with Aoto's friend Akira.

Manga Design

This manga is full of beautiful drawings, I really love this Mangka because I do recconize her style of drawings and I've read many of her other works. She has a great style and I love how this mangka draws. Each page is either fully detailed like the top of the page on the left, or it's semi detailed like the below panel on the left. The characters are detailed in their hair and face, knowing their expressions fully. The characters are either cute or manly catching your attention of how good looking they are (for a drawing anyways). You will really love this manga because of the story line and how it's drawn!

I do very much love this story, it's cute and the characters are great, I highly recommend this manga. Also you must be use to Yaoi because this Manga is very graphic.

5 out of 5 Howling Wolves

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