Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Living for Tomorrow Manga Review

Author: Taishi Zaou
Taishi Zaou
Genra: Yaoi
Year: 2005
Original Publisher:
1 Volume (Complete)
 Licensed (in English)
English Publisher


One day a crowd of boys rushed to Tasuku's school, claiming that he is the "Luck Goddess' Son", also asking Tasuku to get into bed with them, bringing everyone good fortune. Tasuku's very angry about it, but if he used this power he might make his best friend Oono, the lottery lover, become his. In order to test his powers, Tasuku actually begins to lure Oono...!

My Thoughts on the Manga
This was just a cute manga, I loved every moment of it from start to finish. Who would have guessed that a plot based on a boy trying to figure out if he is truly lucky or not be such a great read. Not to mention I just love how cute the characters look.

Tasuku is really fast in believing what others say, he didn't even bothering to figure out for sure if what other people say about his mother was right. He just goes right on ahead to act on his feelings to Oono to see if the rumors were right. He loves Oono more then just a friend ever since childhood but can't bring himself to tell Oono the truth until he was told of a rumor where if he sleeps with someone luck will be placed on the person he slept with. So thinking that Oono doen't like him if he could just sleep with Oono that would be enough and Oono would be happy with the luck. Oono is a nave boy who stays with Tasuku even though Tasuku beats him up on a daily bases. He is even slow on his true feelings for Tasuku even though they practically sleep together. He still doesn't understand his own feelings till the end. 

The romance is slow and kind of force due to the rumor "Luck Goddess" thing. Tasuku loved Oono for so long but Oono didn't feel the same way. It was only after they slept with each other that Oono realized that he loved Tasuku and didn't care if the goddess thing was true or not as long as he was with Tasuku. 

The plot is short and funny, you will diffidently like this one shot manga. It tells a story between two childhood friends, one wants more then just friendship and the other is nave to this. Not to mention that the ending is funny with what Oono does so be sure to read this manga it's funny.


It's a really up to date manga design, the characters are really well done and the author took time to put either a background or gradients in each panel. The hair and clothes are also detailed and you can't help but think how cute the characters are. Oono is the white haired boy and Tasuku is the black haired boy. So different in looks and you can tell when you read them that you can see a difference in every character making this a really good manga read for it's design quality. 

I do recommend reading this book everything about it is great from the plot to the design. To bad it was only a one shot it would have been great if it was longer, instead of fitting the whole story into one volume.

4 out of 5 Howling wolves

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