Sunday, February 12, 2012

Fanart - When Copper Sun Falls - The Beast

When Copper Sun Falls
The Beast

So here is my fanart for "When Copper Sun Falls" I really like the concept that "The Beast" is a black lion and I decided that I should draw him. He was harder then I thought he would be. I had to sketch the face quite a few times before I got it to work and actually look like a lion's face. The body needs a bit more work but otherwise I really do like how it turned out. As for the guy dead on the ground, he was one of the people who attacked the main girl Chela. Those bad guys are painted all black and have something that look like triangles on they're shoulders. So I did the best I could to get the triangles too look cool like you see there lol!!

I chooses to show the silver eyes in the background because that's what catches Chela's attention most, besides the fact that it's a man eating lion lol!! I showed the Author first before I decided to post it here and she likes it! That's the best feeling is when someone likes your drawings! hehe!!!

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