Thursday, February 2, 2012

Manga Review Private Teacher 2/ Katekyo 2

Moegi Yuu

Artist: Moegi Yuu
Genra: 18+ Yaoi
Year: 2004
Original Publisher:
Core Magazine 
 Volume 5 out of 8(currently)
 Licensed (in English)
English Publisher:  

Private teacher kaede loves hitting the books(and the sheets) with his cute student-turned-lover Rintaro. But what Kaede would really love is more time with Rintaro in his own apartment! Is this passionate couple ready for the next step in their relationship. . . or does something very important need to be said first?

Private Teacher shows that a little one-on-one instruction is the perfect way to boost a dedicated student's grades. . .and heart rate! When Rintaro's college dreams finally come true, will he find a way to keep his gorgeous tutor by his side as he graduates into his new life?

My Thoughts on this Manga Volume

Yes this manga is a mature yaoi manga is a 18+ yaoi so if you haven't tried to read yaoi before I suggest not to start with this manga. As well as if you don't know what Yaoi means I recommend looking it up so you don't have a heart attack hehe!

I forgot all about what happen in the first volume lol! I should have reread it but it's not a must read type of manga for me to do that. Plus it still is good even though I'm not sure what happen in the first volume. I read the summery so I know vaguely about what happen so that's fine with me hehe! and can I say it's a hot read!

The Characters are really cute, Rintaro is a cute character who loves Kaede a lot. He really wants to be with Kaede and wants to do everything to make him be happy, along with getting embarrassed himself lol! Kaede's character is a really jealous one, he tries to trust Rintaro but keeps thinking Rintaro is doing something else. He has a jealousy issue but it's just to cute to watch how he reacts to Rintaro's true intentions on a few different moments.

They are already in a relationship in the first one and is carried into the second volume. The romance is cute and sexy at times. You also get to see how Jealous Kaede can get but Rintaro still loves him hehe!

The plot is great, it shows Kaede coming to learn that Rintaro only loves him and that he doesn't need to be jealous all the time. Though he does want Rintaro to go to the same college as him as well as moving into his apartment with him. As for Rintaro you see how he tries to keep Kaede away at a cafe because of what he was wear and didn't want Kaede to see him like that. As well as secretly getting a part time job to give Kaede a gift for his birthday. Both stories were so cute I really did love it. Then at the end there was a side story that has nothing to do with the main story but it was still great to read. It was about apartment neighbors and one night one character named Keito comes home drunk only he didn't go to his own apartment he went into his neighbors apartment when the door was open and fell asleep on the bed. I really did love this story it was so cute to bad it was only a oneshot.

Manga Design

Very simple yet great style of drawings. I love how they are drawn, detail in backgrounds when they are shown and detail in the clothes and hair. I like this style of drawings most because of how even in the simplest of scenes they still looked great. The characters are all different non look the same and look at that hand it's just as detailed as everything else.

This is a great manga with great story and characters. Not to mention the love scenes are just as great. Not  to mention lots of cute kissing scenes! I recommend this book to those who know what Yaoi is and are fine with big love scenes.

4 out of 5 Howling Wolves

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