Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Manga Review Mr.Convenience/Benriya-san

Author: Yamato Nase
Artist: Yamato Nase
Genra: 18+ Yaoi
Year: 2008
Original Publisher:
 1 Volumes (Complete)
 Licensed (in English)
English Publisher:  

Shiva Convenience Agency is here to help out, with jobs big or small.
Story 1) Chiba is a "convenience man" who meets Aki Kirigaya on a job. Chiba's job is to become Kirigaya's friend. After becoming friends, Kirigaya refuses to see him. What is Chiba to do?

Story 2) Miyashiro is young and cute, and used to guys mistaking what he's selling as a convenience man. When a handsome Yamada Tarou (John Smith) tries to buy him, Miyashiro's still not interested. But Yamada's persistant, and Miyashiro's started thinking being sold to Yamada might not be so bad...

My Thoughts on the Manga
Yes this manga is a mature yaoi manga is a 18+ yaoi so if you haven't tried to read yaoi before I suggest not to start with this manga. As well as if you don't know what Yaoi means I recommend looking it up so you don't have a heart attack hehe!
This Manga I've read a long time ago before I actually bought the manga myself. My dad recently brought home about 6 manga books for me hehe! So I'm going to love reviewing each book. This manga has such great characters and each story is short, it starts with Chiba and Aki story before changing to Miyashiro and Yamada story before switching back which is fine cause it's still a great manga.

The characters in this book work in a company where they do different jobs. Not just a normal job a job where clients hire them to do things like fixing tv's or babysitting. For the first story you meet a character called Chiba who works as a Conveniece man, he soon meets Aki who was drunk when he emailed the company looking for a friend. They're story is so cute I love how they react with each other. Aki doesn't know how to act around people so he didn't know he was in love with Chiba till later. As for the other story about Miyashiro and Yamada, Miyashiro is a cutie boy who sometimes gets the wrong clients who think they could sleep with him. That's where Yamada comes in who hire's Miyashiro thinking just that, that Miyashiro was selling himself for money. Yamada is really slow when it comes to how Miyashiro feels for him. They hurt each other but it all works in the end and they are such cute characters

The romance in this book is both heart wrenching and cute. The characters are so slow with one another which is what makes it cute but also sad at the same time, when they can't figure out their true feelings with one another. The Romance sence's are also graphic so I suggest be ready to read this, read the pink words above for what I mean.

The first story plot is great you learn how the rich Aki owner of a company really feels and turns towards Chiba to let out his feelings. He doesn't want to get close to Chiba cause he didn't know what to do. Though Chiba won't give up on Aki after he falls in love with him. In the second story Yamada hire's Miyashiro to sleep with but Miyashiro gets mad telling him he's not like that. Yamada then starts to spend time with Miyashiro till they finally sleep with each other, which in the end Miyashiro realizes that Yamada is actually a detective hired by his family. 

Manga Design

Being a recent yaoi manga drawn in 2008 the detail's in this manga is really well done. There is lots of details throughout the book in the hair, face, and even the clothes and background. The mangaka took the time to do each panel, which I think took a long time. There is lots of gradients throughout the manga and it just made me fall in love with this manga all over again with the nice work.

This manga is a great read with heart wrenching characters and great story line. Not to mention the drawings are so detail. Pick it up if you can and if you like yaoi hehe!

5 out of 5 Howling Wolves

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