Friday, January 13, 2012

Devil's Ridge Manga Review

Devil's Ridge (The Dark Earth Series)
Author: X.Aratare
Designer: T.Wolv
Published: 2011 by Raythe Reign Publishing Release date: December 13, 2011

Aidan has always dreamed of a different life, one that was somehow more than what he knew. Desperate times force him and his adoptive family to move to Grandfather Patrick's house on Devil's Ridge, a tiny, rural town, that is far more than what it seems.

On the Ridge, Aidan finds a world filled with magic, monsters and terrifying beauty. He has discovered his "different life" but it isn't at all what he expected, and not all of it is good.

With most of the townspeople involved in the Clan, a dark cult, and Grandfather Patrick as the Clan's head, Aidan knows he isn't just imagining that the whole town is out to get him. When Aidan is lured by an ancient force literally in his own backyard, he is rescued by the mysterious and handsome Asher Vane, who his grandfather calls a "demon". Is Asher something terrible? More importantly, is Aidan?


My Thoughts on the Manga
So where to start on this one, I had a few problems with this manga, problem is where to start haha. Anyways for starters it's not a real manga, it's design and published in america and it is read from left to right, like how comic books are read not like manga books. I would say this story is more of a comic type style then manga because it's not made/wrote/design in Japan and it's not read in the traditional style manga way. Another problem was how short it was, I expected it to be a long manga read, I didn't expect it to be so short in pages and still cost so much. I felt ripped off and I will explain why in the next paragraph.

The concept to this story was really well done, as far as I've read I really like the story. It worked with the characters giving a background story and explain about a cult that hated these people who were like fairies. Only one problem, the story is so fast pace, it wanted to get right into the main story but stopped right in the middle of something big. This book felt like more of a chapter then a manga to me. I was so annoyed by this on how fast it stopped in a middle of a climax scene. It just wasn't proper for the creators of this manga to do that. It made me feel like maybe i shouldn't have bought this manga for so much if it was going to let me down so much. Though I did love the characters and how they acted and I love the main character Aidan, he is such a cute boy. The plot for this story is also great, I just love how the plot made it so it gave a reason why they were near faeries.

Manga Design

The design of the characters and the detail in this manga was so great. This is one of the reasons why I don't out right hate this manga. The Manga has a North American feel to it but the design of the characters and the detail in everything. Just look at the trees and Car, the designer took time and patients to do even the smallest of detail. You can also tell on curtain pages how creepy it's meant to be and how beautiful it's meant to be on others. You can see they have great expression!


Overall I do reccomand to at least see the first few pages of this manga to see whether you would want it or not. If not, wait till volume two to come out because this would be just a huge dissappointment. It's a 6 volume set and I could already see so many cliffhangers in the future as the publishers make money. 

3 out of 5 Howling Wolves


  1. Thanks for the honest review! The summery had me interested, but knowing that the story just kinda stops at key points. I would get annoyed too.

  2. Hope you'll enjoy the other books, and Thank you for the honest review :)