Monday, January 30, 2012

Manga Review Words of Devotion/Ai no Kotodama

Author: Konno Keiko

Konno Keiko
Genra: between Shonen-ai and Yaoi
Year: 2000
Original Publisher:
Frontier Works
 2 Volumes (Complete)
 Licensed (in English)
English Publisher:  

After graduating from high school, best friends Tachibana and Otani decided to move-in together as more-than-friends. Although their feelings are very real, the secret nature of their relationship, and the words that have gone unsaid between them, leave room for doubt. When a chance encounter reintroduces the pair to Yuki, a former classmate, Otani becomes suspicious of Tachibana's close friendship with her. Will rumors from their high school days together spin Otani's insecurities out of control? Or could it be that Tachibana and Yuki r 
e"}{ally have rekindled an old flame?

My Thoughts about this manga
Ah well, can I say this was the most confusing, mixed up backwards manga I've ever read...It takes place in the middle of the story, you don't know anything of their past or how they met, or why they are together. Then when it's just gets good at the end of the first volume it skips to a different story all together. . . This would have been the worse manga ever if it wasn't for the fact that it had a second volume and GUESS WHAT! the second volume should actually be the first volume. The Second volume takes place before the events in the first volume. That was so stupid I couldn't believe it did something like that, what was wrong with the mangaka to do something as stupid as that! Though I can say this rating would have been a lot lower if it wasn't for the second volume. The second volume really drew me in. The second volume is what I like and it brought me more into the characters more so then the first volume.

The characters are ackward from what i've read, they don't tell each other their feelings, they just go right into the relationship. The first volume your confuse as to who confess to who but you learn in the second volume they never confessed just went right into moving in with each other and acting as lovers. It looks like more like a friendship then anything else, gah they bug me so much in the first volume but they were so cute in the second one.

The plot was okay besides the confusing part. You learn in the second one that they were in highschool when they met and were friends. Otani that started to have feelings for Tachibana more so then their own girlfriends. They try stuff and soon they deside to live with each other which you learn about in the first volume.

Manga Design

The drawings aren't all that bad, since it is from the early 2000's. The drawings back then are really simple but this manga there is detail in some panels and less in others. You can see their expressions on their faces but not a lot of variety. The character aren't really that cute either so that's the downside.

I wouldn't reccomend this book it's confusing and if your new to reading manga this wouldn't be a good thing for you to read.

2 out of 5 Howling wolves
Because the second volume made me become interested in it.

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